Areas of Lawyer Expertise You Should Know About

To date, there are 21 fields of law.  As you would expect, they all have their own expertise so that the attorneys in that field can focus and hone their talents in that area. Attorneys studying and practicing in one field may have a vested interest in that area of law for personal reasons, as well. Those that are mentioned below may be more prevalent than others not mentioned. Nevertheless, knowing more about these different legal specializations will greatly help when the need arises.

Personal Injury Law

Lawyers in this area concentrate on restitution for individuals injured due to another individual or company’s negligence or malpractice.  This attorney may further concentrate their practice into categories such as medical malpractice, automobile accidents, or slip and fall type injuries.

Tax Law

Also known as Revenue Law, lawyers here concentrate on assisting individuals as well as government systems how to abide and participate lawfully in the U.S. Taxation system. These lawyers will provide transparency into some of the complex laws of taxation within a state or the country.

Immigration Law

Attorneys within this practice concentrate on representing immigrants in all stages of trying to become a citizen of this country. You will see a higher presence of immigration lawyers in the border states due to a higher concentration of an international community.

Also, at some firms, there are lawyers who will work with immigration as well as criminal, appellate, or other fields. The professionals behind this website explain that there are cases in which two or several of these specializations come together, driving the need for lawyers that are knowledgeable in these fields. As a result, these professionals can handle immigration cases with utmost authority and expertise.

Family Law

These legal representatives have the purpose of helping families and their possible relational problems or issues that may require legal assistance. This would include domestic abuse, juvenile issues, adoptions, child welfare, divorce matters, surrogacy, and others.

Corporate Law

As in the title, this expertise concentrates on the legal administration aspects of a corporation. Duties would include  a patent lawyer, legal compliance, mergers, acquisitions. Lawyers with this kind of specialization are often skilled in both business and legal matters. For example, if your business mistaken uses a patent from another business a patent lawyer will come by and help you with the legal issues you may have.

Constitutional Law

This type of law is excellent for any starting lawyer to learn his or her way around the Constitution and its many articles as it pertains to amending, adherence, and interpretation of the Constitution. This type of law segues well into serving branches of criminal or civil law.

Civil Rights Law

If you are a civil rights lawyer, you sincerely care about equal rights and a non-discriminatory culture for all.  You would be fighting against police brutality, voting rights, religious liberties, or discrimination in housing or employment situations to give examples.

Animal Law

The field of law where defended are the ones who cannot stand up for themselves. Safeguarded and preserved are endangered wildlife and domestic animals alike. This also includes working with allies and organizations that work with the animals as well as reveal any inhuman practices and/or facilities.

Bankruptcy Law

When an individual or business is going through the process of bankruptcy, a lawyer in this field is there to advise and assist in the bankruptcy process. Lawyers with this kind of specialization also provide assistance as far as the paperwork involved and the seizing of his assets.

Admiralty Law

Sometimes called maritime law, this type of law involves anything that happens in any large body of water. This could include nautical shipping issues, settling issues between ships or their captains, or between sailors or any other marine worker.

Education Law

The commitment of an educational lawyer is to promote the best educational experience for students as well as making a teacher’s job easier to facilitate that commitment.  A supporter of teachers’ and students’ rights, they could be developing new educational policies or be revealing tuition fraud at a certain school or campus.

Environmental & Natural Resource Law

A lawyer of this field is concerned with how we, as humans and companies, interact with mother Earth. Making sure we are compliant in not tainting water or soil, upholding jurisdictional water rights and adherence to oil drilling regulations could be this lawyer’s duty. They could also be working specifically with a company to defend said company for violating such state and city policies and laws.

Our society has built a system that has allowed us to have a great many liberties that we all share. Our egos have facilitated a need for the law to keep these liberties in check. And as we have so many great liberties to be grateful for, such is why we have so many types of law.