10 Successful Business Ideas for Students in 2021

It’s not too soon to start thinking about opening a business just because you’re still a student. According to Fortunly, 69% of US entrepreneurs start businesses from home, with 55% doing so from their garages. You too can launch a business as a student in 2021 and reap its benefits long after you’ve graduated. Let’s take a look at some business ideas which can prove successful for students such as you.

1. Marketing & Design

Thanks to the advent of social media and freelancing platforms, students can now become freelancers and life-long-learners fairly easily. You can learn new skills and outsource your services online through different platforms before launching a website of your own.

2. Virtual Assistant

Many startups and small business owners opt for hiring virtual assistants instead of working with secretaries or assistants long-term. Working as a virtual assistant can help you develop a multitude of skills, such as business email writing, professional etiquette, and business management among others.

3. Children/Pet Sitting

Parents often cannot take care of their children or pets due to long work hours and extended commute. Students such as you can jump in and assist them. You can build an entire business out of the simple idea of sitting in with children and pets for families in need of help.

4. Blogging & Guest Writing

It’s fairly easy to launch your own blog and start publishing articles and opinion pieces. Take a look at the best paper writing service reviews to get help with writing and editing your first blog posts. Once you garner a following, you can also promote brands as an influencer or write guest posts for other websites.

5. Online Teaching

Given that you spend a lot of time studying different fields, why not apply that knowledge commercially? Students are always in search of good tutors who will help them pass exams and write better college papers. If you’re passionate about what you study, give online teaching a shot.

6. Career Consulting

Speaking of passion, not everyone will be satisfied with the career path they chose. However, you can build a solid business as a career consultant and help other students find their professional calling through coaching. This is a great opportunity to earn a living and work on your empathy and communication skills.

7. ECommerce

There are a variety of niches which you can explore in regards to online sales. You can create handmade items, work as a reseller or dabble into drop shipping and build a business from scratch by doing so. Even if you sell goods from other brands, the commission you earn will help keep you afloat.

8. Stock Photography

If you’re creative and have access to a DSLR camera, you can sell stock photos online. All you need is some patience and a good camera which will allow you to take quality photos of various random objects and sights. Upload those photos to sites such as Shutterstock and you will have a nice passive income to look forward to.

9. Book Reselling

Academic and everyday books often find themselves shelved after the initial reading. You can purchase or collect books from people who don’t need them, refurbish them and sell them at a markup. As a student, you will be able to gather plenty of books to start with from your campus.

10. Physical Training

Finally, if you are physically active and like sports, you can act as a trainer or sports coach to students and others outside of campus. Being a physical trainer will require you to be fit and energetic in order to act as a role model to your students. If you can tick those boxes off, you will find plenty of clients to work with as a physical trainer.

Turning an Idea into a Business (Conclusion)

These are only some of the business ideas you can pursue as a student in 2021. Give each one some thinking in order to see whether or not you can imagine yourself doing something similar. Turning an abstract idea into a commercial business isn’t easy – however, it is some of the best personal development you will ever gain.


Bio: Mark Blackwood is a professional writer, content editor, and business development advisor. He is passionate about creative writing and digital publishing. Mark is constantly working on new articles, opinion pieces, and case studies in the fields of digital marketing, online sales, and business development among others. In his spare time, Mark is a reader and a fan of pop culture.