7 Signs That You Have a Hearing Problem

Having a hearing problem is not the easiest thing to notice on your own, especially because it gradually gets worse at a slow pace. More often than not it’s other people around you who will notice it first. Whichever the case, a hearing problem should be diagnosed as soon as possible. Here are seven signs you’re experiencing a hearing problem, some of which you can look out for by yourself.

1. You Can’t Have a Normal Conversation

One of the early signs you have a hearing problem is that you can’t keep a normal conversation anymore. This is especially true if more than two people are talking to you at the same time. If you find yourself lost in conversation more often than before, the chances are you are indeed experiencing hearing loss, but this doesn’t always have to be the case, and more evaluation is needed to make sure. Pay attention to the following signs related to conversation issues to evaluate if you have a hearing problem.

2. You Often Misunderstand People

As we’ve mentioned before, having trouble keeping a conversation going doesn’t necessarily indicate a hearing problem. However, if you do find it hard to follow it, and you end up misunderstanding people in the process, the chances are you have a hearing problem. Misunderstanding what people say comes from the start of high-frequency hearing loss. This affects your ability to discern sounds of speech. Pay attention to how often this happens, and it also might be a good idea for you to ask your friends and family whether they have noticed it too.

3. You Have Troubles Hearing over the Phone

Another very common sign that you have a hearing problem that is somewhat related to the conversation is having even more trouble hearing over the phone. While there aren’t many options to improve the conversation in person, there are ways to help you out with this particular aspect. Home phone amplifiers are an affordable way to help you hear better over the phone which works for varying degrees of hearing loss. They are effortless to use and can even be used by people who have a severe hearing problem.

4. Listening to Higher Volumes

If you’ve received complaints from your friends and family (or even your neighbors) that your TV is way too loud, the chances are you are experiencing a hearing problem. You might have even noticed this yourself by keeping track of the soundbar either on your TV or when you listen to music on your phone. Listening to music or TV on higher volumes is not only a sign of a hearing problem, but it can also further damage your hearing, especially if you are using earphones.

5. You’re Making Less Eye Contact During Conversation

In addition to the previous signs of a possible hearing problem, having difficulties holding a conversation has proven to be a very resourceful way of noticing it. A subtle sign you have a hearing problem is if you find yourself making less eye contact during a conversation because you are so focused on trying to discern what the other person is saying by looking at their mouth to figure it out. If this is the case, there are a few things you can do to help you out. These include asking your friends to speak more clearly, or even asking them to practice sign language with you.

6. Your Ears Feel Clogged

A very important sign that you are experiencing a hearing problem is that no matter how clean they are, your ears still feel very clogged. A simple way to correct this is by going to your doctor to check whether there is a wax buildup. If this is the case, it’s quite possible you’re not experiencing hearing loss, however, if you don’t have any built-up wax, you might have a hearing problem. Make sure you check in with your physician before coming to any conclusions on your own.

7. You Keep Saying “What” More Often

Spotting a hearing problem on your own can be quite tricky, as it’s usually the other people around us that happen to spot it first. However, there is a good way to get a better idea of your hearing, especially if you’ve noticed other conversation-related problems. If you have noticed yourself saying “What?” of “Excuse me” more often while talking to someone, you might be experiencing a hearing problem. The same goes if you’ve noticed yourself tilting your head to hear better.

Noticing you have a hearing problem is only the first step towards getting help. Make sure you follow all of these steps to make sure you have a hearing problem. From then on you should focus on getting the right tools to make your everyday life easier.