6 Activities That Will Help You Control Your Anger and Other Intense Emotions

It was unintentional. Someone walking past you accidentally stepped on you. However, the person stopped, offered an apology, and wished you a good day. That didn’t augur nicely with you, and you threw a punch to their face. To you, stepping on you was out of contempt, and the point was a retaliation of self-defense. But it wasn’t. Accidents happen all the time, and that was one of them.

Then it slowly sinks in. It is not the first time you have exploded over a trivial matter. Your anger has gradually taken over you. You find trouble controlling your emotions. You may also have an outburst at the slightest provocation. If that has been your life, you can unlearn that habit and lead an everyday experience. The guide below offers you practical approaches on how you can manage your emotions. 

Embark on Therapy

You have heard of therapy and wonder if that is the right call for you. The treatment has immense benefits for your physical and mental well-being. Your counselor can help you identify the root cause of your outbursts and how to manage them effectively.

If the outbursts result from a mental disorder, you will also get the right prescription to stabilize your mental state. Therapy also implements different methodologies for an appropriate treatment that only a skilled professional can handle.

Channel Your Energy Elsewhere

You can avoid outbursts by directing your energy, concentration, and also energy to another avenue. If you live the arts, dive in, and explore your potential. Relearn about yourself. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and even values.

You can also try out a new skill or activity you have always wanted to try out. You can try out new culinary recipes, go hiking in the mountains or even learn a new language. Try out yoga mediation with quality mats recommended by Yogangstar and feel your energy radiate. You may also go back to school or take more challenging roles in your workplace. The goal is to engage your mind and body. It gives you a pleasant distraction.

Don’t Bottle up Your Emotions 

If you feel like crying it out, please go on. Scream at the top of your lungs if you must. Expressing your feelings offers relief. You no longer feel burdened and under pressure.

You can also express your feelings in a personal journal. One great benefit of a journal is that nobody will go through it unless you want it to. It lets you have a platform to express your innermost thoughts, feelings, feelings, and even emotions without feeling that someone is judging you.

Monitor Your Triggers 

High chances are when you have emotional instability with anger outbursts, and there is an underlying trigger. You will mark one of the most incredible moments in your journey once you identify your triggers. Maybe it is that relative who greatly offended you when you were younger,  forgive them. Perhaps it could be an environment. Once you identify the triggers, avoid them at all costs. If they are factors within your control, learn to say no to them.

Remind Yourself to Hold off Before Reacting

Before reacting, practice mindfulness, learn to exercise self-control, and hold back. Pause before taking the next step. Please think through things carefully before taking action. If not, you will most likely find yourself in situations where you are unable to control yourself. Talk yourself into the repercussions that may follow as a result of your actions. You can also choose to walk away from the situation.

Join a Support Group

One of the most incredible benefits of joining a support group is being around people who are in the same predicament as you. It helps you see you’re not alone. It gives you an avenue to be with other people like you and share ideas on what works.

You can also interact with those who have overcome the problem. The members will help you identify practical ways that helped them and how you can also implement the same. You feel a sense of belonging and communism. Plus, you can also find fun ways to spend time together without having a pity party. 

Together, you can also reach out to the community and help others going through the same situation. Creating awareness will help instill a sense of achievement in your journey. It will give you pride, knowing you helped yourself and others along the way who were going through the predicament. Remember, it is a journey. For every milestone you make, celebrate your achievements. 

Most importantly, do not hesitate to reach out once you notice anger and uncontrollable intense emotions are taking over your life. Lastly, please remember that just like everyone else, you are human. You may slip and fall, but there is room to rise again and be great. Forgive yourself for any wrongdoings and love yourself in a new dimension.