4 Effective Tips to Maintain the Quality of Your Oriental Rugs

When it comes to oriental rugs, you want to pay close attention to the ways you treat them. Here’s the thing, considering the fact that carpets like these truly are a great aesthetic piece you can have in your home, you must know that oriental rugs require more care and a higher standard of maintenance. That being said, in order to keep your rugs of the highest quality for a long time, we have prepared a few tips that can help you a lot. 

Keep Them Away From Sunlight

Even though it may not seem like a lot, keeping your oriental rugs away from sunlight can help you maintain their lush colors for a much longer period of time. Due to the pigments that are often used for them, keeping your oriental rugs directly exposed to the sunlight can cause their colors to gradually fade over time. So, where should you keep them then? You want to choose a place that is not directly exposed to sunlight or to keep your drapes shut when the sunbeams come intensely through your windows. 

Professional Washing Does Make a Difference

It is recommended that you take your oriental rugs to be professionally washed every few years. Experts on oriental rug repair and restoration services explain that this kind of cleaning will not only assure you that you will not accidentally damage your carpet while washing (which tends to remove all signs of dirt, no matter how deeply it might have embedded your rug’s fibers. Apart from that, you will be certain that your rug was thoroughly cleaned. Due to their dense structure, it is often hard to clean them well in a home-based environment. 

Rotate Regularly For Even Distribution

Although it is often recommended that you should rotate your rugs once every couple of years, it is smarter to do so every few months. These kinds of actions will help you in the sense of better traffic distribution. The thing is, keeping your rugs in the same place for a long time means that ones that are walked on more than the others are going to end up being a lot more worn off than the others. 

By making regular rotations, you are going to allow the rugs to wear more evenly and to have a lot more uniform look and a better appearance.

Be Sure To Vacuum and Air It Out

Even though all carpets need regular vacuuming, your oriental rug needs more intense care in this aspect as well. Regular vacuuming will prevent natural fibers from being packed down from a lot of trafficking. Apart from that, if you vacuum often, you will make sure that the dirt will not get stuck in your rug, making it harder to clean.

Moisture build-up can have a really bad impact on your rug. If you do not air it out regularly, moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth. To prevent this from happening, you can simply hang your oriental rug outside for a few hours once every few months and of course, any time when it comes in contact with moisture.

Maintaining the quality of your oriental rug truly is important, no matter if you want to sell it in the future or if you’d like to keep it as a priceless family antique for as long as possible. Use these tips in order to keep your rug in the best shape possible for years to come, making them worth every penny you invested in it.