Promote Your Business Online With SEO Marketing Techniques

Local SEO is an important marketing technique for Missoula businesses — 88% of consumers who do a local search on their smartphone visit or call a store on the same day, Hubspot reports. In fact, almost 46% of all Google searches seek local information. There are a number of ways to increase your online visibility to local customers and help your business thrive.

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Good web design

A well-designed business website is essential for attracting and impressing local customers or clients online. But do you know how to make website mobile friendly? Check it out here!

At least 46.1% of consumers judge the credibility of a business on how their website looks, research from Stanford University shows us. Additionally, 38% of consumers won’t hesitate to click off a website that’s poorly designed or difficult to use.

An attractive, fast, and user-friendly business website is certainly a worthwhile investment; use a free web design cost calculator to get an instant quote on either a template-based or custom site design. With custom site designs, business owners can benefit from flexibility, SEO-friendliness, and a higher return on investment.

Local directories

Getting your Missoula business listed in local directories (like Yelp, Yell, Yahoo, or Bing For Business) is essential for strengthening your visibility online. In most cases, listing your business won’t cost you anything. And, as a result, you’ll boost the number of trusted inbound links (or citations) to your website. The more online citations your business has, the more credible it’ll appear to Google, and the better your SEO ranking will be. You’ll therefore receive an influx of site visits from potential interested customers. In fact, positive Yelp ratings alone have been found to increase a restaurant’s reservations by 19%.

Mobile SEO

Smartphones are now integral in everyday life and consumers who conduct searches on their phones have been shown to have a higher buyer intent than desktop users — meaning they’re more likely to make a purchase. In fact, 78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase, according to Hubspot. Mobile SEO should play a key role in marketing your Missoula business online. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile and easy to use; it should be free from clutter and load quickly. Any included photos, videos, and pop ups shouldn’t overload the site.

Implementing these online marketing techniques will attract local customers and help your Missoula business stand out from the crowd.