QuickBooks Hosting for Small to Medium Size Businesses – What are the Benefits

One of the most common names among small scale businesses, QuickBooks, holds many accounting tools that can be easily used by everyone. However, QuickBooks hosting has allowed users to make the most of the software and enhance its capability. When QuickBooks Enterprise cloud hosting is utilized, it becomes a one-stop solution for bookkeepers, CPAs, and small businesses.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of QuickBooks hosting

Reduced IT Infrastructure and Cost:

Small scale businesses are always looking for chances to cut costs and QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud does it very effectively. Since the cloud is accessible via the Internet, companies do not need a dedicated system to be installed in their location. Due to features available in the cloud, such as remote upgrades and support, organizations would need far fewer resources, thus saving more money.

Disaster Recovery and Backup:

When your QuickBooks Enterprise software is hosted on the cloud, you don’t need to spend time backing up data. All files or data are automatically backed up. Multiple copies of files are kept in highly secure data centre’s at different spots by the service providers. Also, data transfer is secure as it is enabled over highly encoded data centre protocol.


Another advantage of hosting software on the cloud is that it is more secure than the traditional systems used in the offices. With QuickBooks Enterprise, the data stays on Tier 4 data centres, which means that there are highest levels of security. Many skilled QuickBooks Hosting providers secure your data from different cyber-attacks through security measures like end-to-end encryption, firewalls, multi-factor authentication, anti-virus, anti-malware, and more.

Access at any time:

With cloud accounting, you can get to your records and key monetary figures at whenever, from anyplace. At the point when you utilize a good old, work area based framework, you are adequately attached to the workplace. Your product, your information, and your records are sat on a nearby drive. Furthermore, that restricts the access you can have to your financial information. You sign in and work from your internet browser, any place you have Wi-Fi and an Internet association. Companies can also migrate SharePoint from one Tenant to another using the cloud. Thus, any place you go, you can generally beware of the status of your business.

Automatic Updates and Upgrades:

To stay up to date with all the new features and settings, it is important to upgrade the QuickBooks software from time to time. Though, it can be a tiresome task for the users to keep track of the same. But with QuickBooks remote access, you don’t need to worry about upgrading or updating the software as the cloud service provider takes care of these regular updates.

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Are you amazed by the huge benefits cloud technology offers over the traditional approach?

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