Want to Get into Metal Detecting? Here’s How to Prepare

Metal detecting is a hobby that fell out of fashion toward the late 1990s. Every child had a metal detector prior to that – and it was a hobby many children shared a love and admiration for. In the 2000s, however, the hobby picked up traction again after a series of television shows was aired which showed professional metal detectors finding artefacts and antiques with their metal detectors. Adults and children alike began to share a common love for the hobby once more – and now it is common to find people trawling through city streets and parks – and the countryside, searching for rare items and hidden treasure.

Some people have made an absolute fortune metal detecting. There have been a number of massive hauls over the years, including one man who found his weight in Roman gold buried in the foothills of the British countryside. If you want to find a hobby that is both fun, engaging, and exciting – then metal detecting may well be for you. Metal detection is not a hobby where every time you go out you will find treasure, but it is one that, with perseverance, determination, and investigation that you will find something interesting.

So, you want to get into metal detecting, do you? Here’s how you can prepare…

Research the Hobby

It may sound appealing at first, but you may regret your decision to invest in a metal detector, and may quickly try and return it to where you bought it. As with any hobby, it is very important that you research it and are sure you want to invest money into it. There is nothing as soul-defeating as when you realize you have purchased something for a hobby that you absolutely detest. Do some research firstly…

Read Detector Reviews

When you are buying a metal detector – you want to purchase effectively. Metal detectors can be quite expensive, so you need to be certain you are buying something that is good quality and that will last you a good time. Shop around and try to find the best one that you can. If you end up purchasing a faulty metal detector – it may put you off of the hobby forever and you may not want to return to the hobby. Give your purchase some serious consideration before you spend a penny. Shop around people.

Buy Your Detector

When you have concluded your research, it’s time to buy. You should, by the end of your research, know where to find the best quality metal detectors, and should be confident in purchasing one. When it finally arrives, you can relax – it’s time to go metal detecting. As a side note, you should try to find the best deal on a detector for your first purchase to ensure you like the hobby before investing a lot into one.

Do Some Research

You can likely do your research before your metal detector actually arrives. You will, should you want to be in for finding some hidden Roman treasure, want to research your local area and find where early settlements may have been – and where other detectors have found a hidden treasure in the past. You may also want to attend a gold mining field – there are many fields in the United States that allow independent gold miners and detectors to show up and keep whatever they find.

Head Outside!

Now, with your metal detector in one hand, and your map in the other, it’s time to head outside and find some pirate booty. Metal detecting is a lot of fun, and you will begin to become addicted to it. Do not become disheartened after your first alarm turns out to be a dud – it’ll happen a lot. It is important to add, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may not be allowed to go out into the countryside and go metal detecting, as some restrictions on our movement have been imposed. If this is the case, and you have a garden, go there. A few people have found massive amounts of treasure buried in their gardens with metal detectors. You may find financial independence sitting in a chest buried beneath your garden lawn. Who knows? Metal detecting is great when done with friends or family, too.

Now, with the help of this page, you know everything that you could ever need to know about preparing to go metal detecting. Metal detecting is done widely all around the world. If you want to get involved, this guide may have made the decision to purchase a detector easier for you!