How to Protect Yourself if You are a Person With Disabilities

To start us off on a positive tone, they say that a disability doesn’t equate to inability. Whether you were born with a deformity or serious illness that qualifies as a disability, or you acquired the latter at some point in life, there is still so much more you can achieve in life despite your situation. It may not exactly be a walk in the park, but adjusting your life after suffering a disability can be done as long as you have support, some resources, and the will to make your life better and more rewarding.

Depending on how you acquired it, it may also require you to mourn and give yourself time to heal as you learn to accept your disability. From there, you will also need to protect yourself from the various challenges and uncertainties, and risks faced by many people living with disabilities. With this having been said, here are a few pointers on how to protect yourself if you are a PWD.

Seek Legal Advice When You Should 

The world carries all kinds of people. While some are social, caring, and mindful of others, more than a handful will not mind profiting from your peril. Apart from that, denied claims from social security insurance and other disability cover options are quite common in society. More often than not, however, most of these claims are denied because the pursuant was either misguided, uninformed, or didn’t have proper legal advice. That is why seeking the services of an experienced social security disability lawyer is advisable to get the compensation you deserve. The SSD attorneys from a San Francisco based firm explained that when dealing with matters related to SSI disability claims, it’s best to have a legal expert guide you. Social security disability law attorneys will also assist you with appeals and litigation if you think your SSDI claim was wrongfully denied. To protect yourself as a PWD, you may, therefore, need a social security disability lawyer in your corner.

Draw Limits With the People Around You

In society, you will come across people who put much attention to your disability. Some may not give you a priority or even lend you an ear because of your situation. Getting the best things in life may take extra time and effort, especially when it comes to relationships. But one thing is for sure – as a person with a disability, you have to define your personal boundaries while staying optimistic. Setting the ceiling creates some space that reaps respect. If something makes you uncomfortable, offended, or inconveniences you, talk it out! Find a confidant and talk things over to ensure they don’t pin you down.

Handle Situations Rightfully

We all get through situations, and we handle them according to the current feelings. When we are triggered, we may not think right or talk sense! We are just acting out of emotions, and for persons with disabilities, it is not unheard of for emotions to be overwhelming. But this can cause more harm than good. This makes it important to identify your triggers and render them powerless. That is a sane way of protecting yourself as well as your well-being.

Learn to Defend Yourself 

As a PWD, remember that you are just disabled and not unable. Do what you have to do or say what you have to say to defend yourself and mean it! Look at everything you own as a tool of defense: your voice, body, and pieces of equipment can be used as weapons against a predator. Remember, predators may prey on your situation in various ways and forms. They may take advantage of you physically, mentally, or emotionally.

It is also helpful to practice building your self-esteem and confidence. In addition to self-protection strategies, seek assistance when you need it from people you can trust. Physical self-protection skills will also go a long way. Basic self-defense tactics like striking the eyes, striking the groin, or grabbing and squeezing the testicles will also help.

Use Intuition and Technology To Stay Safe 

There are times when we feel insecure about being somewhere or being around someone. In your disability state, you may not be able to act responsively, but having a programmed cell phone to alert the local police can be a savior. Have the courage to approach strangers for help. You can even ask them to seek emergency help on your behalf.

Finally, body language speaks a lot on the outside about what you feel on the inside. Even if you are not sure, act as if you are! It can be a great way to shove off your attackers. Give confident glances where you sense danger and make them know that you are aware of their presence. That impression will probably shake them away. A calm, firm, and loud voice alongside neutral body language can be a significant weapon to protect yourself from being taken advantage of!