Why The Minnesota Vikings Could Be the 2020 NFL Champions

Days of uncertainty ended for NFL fans – the most popular sport in America will kick off on September 10, 2020. The pandemic caused havoc in the world of sports, and football was no different. The fans, the players, and the coaches were all unsure about the 2020 season kicking off, but it seems like things are good to go for the 101st NFL season.

However, there’s even more uncertainty regarding the potential NFL 2020 champion. You can click here to visit casinochan.com/en-CA and earn some money ahead of the season opener in September. Tom Brady’s tectonic move this summer completely shifted the powers, and now the league’s wide open. One of the teams who will aim to make use of that space are Minnesota Vikings.

While four playoffs in ten years might not sound spectacular, the Vikings look like they’re ready to step forward this season. To be fair, Vikings aren’t in the group of firm favorites. What they are, however, is a serious dark horse ready to mess up the favorites’ plans. 

Talented Squad

After signing a two-year €66 million extension this March, Kirk Cousins is ready to take the franchise forward. The talented quarterback showed what he’s capable of last season when he had a 69% completion rate on 3,600 throws. Cousins earned himself his second Pro Bowl invitation last season, confirming he’s the man to lead the Vikings attack. 

Running back position is perhaps the one you want to focus on. Dalvin Cook proved that he’s a quality starter in this league last season. After spending three years with the team, it’s maybe time for the former Florida State running back to make his mark on the season. 

Question Marks

Even though things are mostly looking good, there are still some questions to answer for Mike Zimmer. The main one is Stefon Diggs’ departure this March. One of the league’s prime wide receiver’s set the NFL on fire last season. He managed to catch 17.9 yards per reception in 2019, racking up 1,130 receiving yards. 

The Vikings are planning on replacing Diggs with a first-round pick in the draft. The Vikings drafted Justin Jefferson to pair up with Adam Thielen. Truth be told, Diggs made his exit wishes known earlier, so the franchise didn’t have a lot of choice here.

Defense Wins Championships

As you’d expect from Mike Zimmer’s team, a defensive department is as quality as always. The former defensive coordinator puts an emphasis on this phase of the game. As we’ve already seen the offensive talent is there. Put it in the mix together and you may just be looking at the NFL 2020 champions come the end of the season.