The Warning Signs Of Major Depressive Disorder Everyone Should Know About

Facing depression is a scary concept when you aren’t aware of the symptoms and signs it’s on its way. Many people will go through years without receiving a diagnosis and it can make living a normal day to day life very difficult. Getting to know and understanding the signs is an important thing for everyone to do because you never know if you’re going to suffer from the illness.

People will often go through a really tough time thinking it’s just the way they are feeling, but if they knew what was going on they could reach out for some help. But what are the warning signs of depression? 


Many people will suffer from anxiety without knowing what it actually is. It can have a huge effect on your life and can even limit you from leaving the house at times. It’s a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about anything with an uncertain outcome. Anxiety and depression go hand in hand and you’ll often find someone suffering from one will suffer from the other. 

It can be treated with medication but can also be treated by other methods such as counseling. During the current climate of COVID-19, there are still options to see someone that can help. The option of online psychotherapy is there to help you speak to professionals without having to go anywhere. This will allow you to get treatment much quicker and start feeling better. 

Low Moods, Sadness & Self Esteem 

Everyone on the planet will go through stages of having ups and downs, most won’t think twice about it. However, there are some times where moods can get so low that everything else becomes null and void. Low moods when you’re depressed are lower than you might think, bad thoughts fill your mind and a downward spiral can begin. Constantly feeling sad is tiring and will also let your brain stray to other thoughts. Being tearful is common and will often come unannounced. You may be watching television or listening to music and suddenly find yourself in floods of tears. Allowing this to continue will let your depression get progressively worse and take complete hold of your life. 

Low self-esteem is something that comes into force when struggling with depression. Having a lack of confidence and constantly feeling bad about yourself is an awful experience but is a common symptom of depression. 

Bad Feelings 

There are some obvious signs when it comes to psychological symptoms like the ones previously mentioned, but there are also some pretty bad feelings you might experience that can be lost and misunderstood. Perhaps you might need to call upon professionals such as Michigan Psychological Care to help you in your endeavors

Feeling guilty or guilt-ridden is a feeling that will come in waves and will be amplified by the use of things such as alcohol. Whilst many will think this is just a normal sporadic feeling, it can be attributed to depression. This can lead to feeling irritable and intolerant, whilst this is a normal feeling for some people, it’s also a known sign of the illness. 

Motivation is also something that is affected when depression knocks on your door. It becomes low, menial tasks and day to day life become incredibly difficult and your drive to see your friends and family will slowly diminish. Struggling to work, watch television, see friends or even just go to the shops are all normal, but if you are then it’s time to seek help. 

Change In Appetite 

Not all signs and symptoms are psychological, there are many that are physical too. Something that’s very common is a change in appetite. Many will struggle to eat anything at all, sometimes for days on end. There is the odd occasion where a person will see an increase in appetite, but the majority of people will lose their appetite. 

A change in eating habits will affect your weight. This could lead to bad feelings about your body if you are used to looking a certain way. 

Sleeping Habits 

Another sign of depression is sleep struggles. Insomnia and depression are heavily linked and many that suffer from one will suffer from the other. You may find yourself not being able to get to sleep in the evenings, or waking up very early in the morning. If you’re lying awake at night overthinking everything then it’s a large sign you might be struggling. 

There are plenty of signs that you could be suffering from depression but these are some of the main ones. Never keep these feelings to yourself, try and reach out to your friends and family first for some support. This will help you seek professional help when you are ready. Don’t live your life in the shadows, learn and understand the signs and symptoms of depression, and take things into your own hands.