Should I DNA My Dog?

We all love our faithful four-legged friends. Though we can learn a lot about them from their character, this is very different from actually knowing important things about them. Choosing to DNA your dog can reveal lots of interesting data that may help you to be a better owner.

Health Concerns

One reason why you may want to DNA test your dog is for certain markers of underlying health concerns. This is incredibly important even if you have a proven pedigree dog.

Every breed has a select list of issues that could affect the dog later in their life. The sooner an owner knows about these issues, the more time they and the dog’s vet will have to prepare. If you are planning on breeding your dog in the future, it can also be an important test to do to find out if any of the issues are hereditary. You would not want to pass them onto any puppies your dog has.

Breed Questions

If you have adopted a mutt from a shelter, you may have some questions about the dog’s ancestry. It is often nice to know a little more about the breeds in yours, and it can help you to decipher some of your dog’s behavior.

Just looking at your dog, you might have a good idea about the breeds in your dog’s ancestry, but the truth can actually be very different. By looking at an in-depth review of DNA My Dog by the experts at, you can gain some insight into the breeds that have helped make your dog the way it is. Once you know their ancestry, you may even be able to pick up some of the physical characteristics they have inherited from their purebred ancestors.

Behavior Questions

Every purebred dog fits into one of seven categories. With this comes a set of learned behaviors. For example, if you have a pastoral dog, they will most likely try to herd people or animals even if they themselves are not working dogs.

If you notice your dog exhibit this type of behavior but you are unsure of where it comes from, you could do a DNA test to learn more about the ancestry. By finding out the breeds, as mentioned above, you could also then learn more about the traits and behaviors of each breed. This could prove useful if you have been struggling to train your dog. There may be a school of training that they will best respond to over another.

If you want to know more about your dog’s genetics, a DNA test will always be the best answer. They are so easy to do and you could have the results in no time at all! If you are searching for the best way to find out a little more about your dog, you need to consider a DNA test. Everyone wants to know as much as they can about their best canine companions.