How to Deal With Your Pet’s Separation Anxiety

Pets have always been a part of our lives ever since cats and dogs were domesticated thousands of years ago in order to help with vermin control and hunting. Although they are rarely used for these purposes nowadays they are still an important part of our family. Pets are now our companions and have developed personalities much as humans do, so it is very noticeable when they become stressed or anxious. In fact, one of the most prevalent manifestations of this is in separation anxiety, whereby our favourite hound or kitty tears up the home when we go out, or self harms to draw attention to itself. 

You may know this situation well, so here we are going to discuss ways to deal with your pet’s separation anxiety.


Dogs, like humans, need exercise. In fact, they probably need more than we do in order to stay fit and healthy. Like humans, dogs can also suffer from mental health issues, which can be alleviated by doing even more exercise. Exercise also tires dogs out, so by taking them on a long walk before you are planning to leave the house, you will put them in the best possible frame of mind for a period on their own. They will be able to relax and fall asleep thinking about catching rabbits and will be much less likely to behave badly due to their anxiety.

Don’t make a fuss when you leave

If you spend ten minutes fussing over your pooch every time you leave the house then you are alerting them to the fact that you are leaving which will make them feel anxious. Similarly, when you return, just act as if nothing has changed, you do not want to be making a big deal out of it. Sure, you love your dog, but you have to act as normally as you can when you leave and return in order to make your dog feel as if it is just part of your daily routine.

Try a natural supplement

Just as humans can take natural supplements to augment their diet and mood, so can pets 𑁋 and if they are anxious there are many products that can help to calm them down. In recent years a lot of research has gone into the relaxing effects of CBD oil on humans and there are now equivalent pet treatments available that can be mixed in with your dog’s food so that when they are left alone they will feel safe and secure. These are inexpensive, and as they are based on natural products they will cause no harm to your best friend, so give them a go and transform the life of your dog.

Train your dog to be alone when you are there

Dogs like company, and humans like company. In fact, everyone likes company. When you are at home it is perfectly natural for your dog to follow your heels around the house and never to leave your side. They will be sniffing at your coat tails every time you open the fridge or turn the cooker on. Well, one way to help with their anxiety is to train them to be alone and happy in their own company, even when you are in the house. Instruct your dog to stay in a room alone for 5 minutes and then gradually increase the time. After a while they will associate this in exactly the same way as they do when you are not in the house, helping them to relax and remain anxiety-free

Stimulate them

When dogs are left alone they need something to stimulate them to stop them going stir crazy. You could leave them with a food puzzle to work out that has treats inside it, or you could provide them with an interactive game on an iPad that keeps them entertained. There are many products on the market, all with the same idea: to distract your dog and give them something to think about while you’re not there. Anything that can help to avoid the sofa being ripped to shreds is a bonus so seek out those distractions today.

As we have learned, it is very common for your pet to have separation anxiety, but thankfully there are many ways to try to solve the problem. Exercise your hound, don’t make a huge fuss of it when you come and go, and give it some training so that it is used to being alone, as these techniques will all help to relieve anxiety. Failing this you can always turn to a natural supplement for its diet or invent some games to stimulate them. In no time at all your best friend will be back to normal.