Missoula Dogs About Town


I’ve never known life in Montana without dogs. At 22, I drove a U-haul from Vermont, my white, blue-eyed, punk rock husky riding shotgun. (He was punk rock, not just because of his heavy black eye liner but because he had a propensity for trouble of the wild kind). By the time we got to Big Sky, I thought he could drive the rig himself—if only his long wolfy legs were a little longer. He ran to the big meadow in the sky, a few short years later.

My two herding dogs, Timber and Charlie have spent the bulk of their lives in Missoula. Ibn the Labrador Retriever is a little newer to the scene, but he makes some pretty acute observations. It’s their town. It’s a dog town. And yes, we have some stories to tell.

Stay tuned for thoughts on the finest seasonal aromas, where the best swim spots are, and who’s who about dog town. There might be a few opinions on policy too—you just never know what they will dig up. Just consider me a translator, because these dogs already broadcast on The Scent, 103.paw. They’ve got a strong canine following, and merely wanted to reach out across species—tail to hand, or bark to tale; wait, how’s that go?


Author “Pawfiles”:


Pedigree: Heeler, Husky, Chow. Sass.

Age: 12

Born somewhere near Bozeman, she and I met at the shelter there, when she was 8 months old. They named her “Baby.”  She said, “Get me out of this joint, kid—and please don’t call me “Baby.””

Likes: Being Alpha. Cheese. People who have nothing to do, but pet her.

Nickname(s):  Foxy Carter.  Pouncy Rosebottom. The Fun Police.



Pedigree: Yellow Lab, painted white. Love.

Age: 11

Born in the desert, near Albequerque, New Mexico, Ibn moved to Missoula four years ago, to get his Master’s Degree in Science.

Likes: Snow. Carrots. Early morning snuggles. The sweet taste of slipper.

Nickname(s): Great White Beast. Mister.



Pedigree: Australian Shepherd. Calico. Court Jester.

Age: 10 (almost)

Born in Kalispell, Charles was ostracized by his littermate, Norma Jean.  Then he was ostracized by Timber. The dude just wanted to be one of the dudes, now he is, with Ibn at his side.

Likes: Cats. Babies. Whatever Ibn likes, minus the slipper.

Nickname(s): Stubby Gorgonzola.  Beans. Wild Spotted Jackass.


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Danielle Lattuga lives happily in Missoula, Montana with two unemployed herding dogs and a lab who makes everyone smile. Whenever her work takes her away from home, she must explain that someone has to put food in the dish, before she shuts the door and ponders the benefits of purchasing a small flock of sheep and a kitty pool.