Pros and Cons of Vaping

Vaping carries a lot of mixed and perplexing opinions. You might encounter an article about the benefits of vapes at one time and the next day you could come across a completely opposite article discouraging the use of vape and describing its potential dangers. However, there is no denying the fact that vaping is an effective way to quit smoking. Of course, smoking is dangerous and more harmful than vaping. Everything has its pros and cons. Let’s have a look at the potential pros and cons of vaping and make a fair decision for ourselves whether the pros outweigh the cons or not

Pros of vaping

Vaping is safer than smoking. There is no combustion when it comes to vaping which means no tar and ash. This means an even better oral hygiene, lung capacity, and a good sense of smell and taste.

Another advantage is that there is no bad odor. The environment around you won’t smell of smoke and stays natural. With vaping, the smell of vapor is hardly noticeable. Vapers use many different flavors with a refreshing scent.

With vaping, you have full control over nicotine intake. You can choose exactly how much nicotine is in your vape. Vaping comes with a wide variety of flavors.

Another big advantage is that you have full control over vapor output. This helps you fine-tune your vapor volume.

Cons of vaping

Electronic devices, such as vapes, expose lungs to many dangerous substances. Diacetyl is one known substance found in vapes which causes severe damage to lungs.

E-cigarettes have nicotine in them, which even in small amounts, can trigger major behavioral changes.

Vaping can cause nausea and dizziness sometimes. If you start vaping a lot, you might feel flushed. If you feel nauseous while vaping, immediately stop doing it until you feel better.

Best vaping kits to help quit smoking

Quitting smoking is a daunting task. It’s especially extremely difficult if you have nothing to replace it with. For this reason, millions of smokers turn to vapes every year. Vaping kits come in a variety of options. It totally depends on you which one you want to go for. If you are a beginner, don’t worry because you don’t need to know any obscure vape lingo to get along with. Vaping kits come in four categories basically. Cig-A-Likes, vape pens, mods and pod mods. It depends on you which device you want to opt for. These are further categorized into starter kits, E-Liquid vape kits, and PRO series. It’s best to start with the starter kits. They have a prefilled and refillable cartridge and give instant satisfaction to the users. It gives you a great choice to pick your favorite flavor from. It’s the easiest way to switch from smoking to vaping.

Unlike smoking, vaping just affects you. With smokers, you unintentionally make many others passive smokers around you. Vaping is a wise choice to pick if you really want to quit smoking. Everything has its pros and cons, but with vaping the pros outweigh the cons when used moderately.