5 Poker Strategies You Should Try

Poker is one of the most popular and legendary, games you can play in a casino. Whether you’re gaming in a land-based venue or you’re playing cards on your favorite mobile gaming app, there are many different strategies you can utilize to increase your chances of winning and improve your game.

Today, let’s take a look at five different poker strategies that you can easily incorporate into your game. You can always check this website out to learn more.

1. Don’t Tilt

Tilting is a term in poker that revers to the player becoming emotionally frustrated or aggressive, and adopting strategies that don’t work so well. It’s easy to say don’t tilt, but it can be harder to do. When you’re playing poker online, it’s important to remember to keep your call and analyze your strategies properly before making a decision.

When you find yourself in a losing situation it can be difficult, but it’s essential to maintain your composure and remember that making poor decisions mean you could end up throwing away your money. Don’t do it!

2. Have Patience

Having patience is one of the most important strategies in a poker game. Making quick decisions or making your move too quickly might see your chip stack significantly reduce in size, and quickly. Instead, it’s smart to fold more hands than you actually play. It might seem like the most boring way to play, as if you are simply sitting back and watching the game happen as you do nothing, but it allows you the time you need to find yourself in optimal positions before you go ahead and play.

This works every time because of the law of averages. Remember that most hands that are dealt during a poker game will be losing hands. That’s always going to be the case, and when you choose to sit back, watch, and take it in, you’ll find yourself making wiser decisions when you do play.

Use this time to watch other players, see how they play, and learn how you can make the best moves against them.

3. Make Believable Bluffs

Bluffing is an important part of the poker game, but if your bluffs don’t make sense, your opponents will know it. A bluff well made could win you a game that you were convinced you were going to lose.

When you’re planning a bluff, consider what it is exactly what you are trying to achieve. Remember that you are attempting to force your opponent to fold their best hand. In most games that you play, your hand is going to be terrible, or perhaps marginal. In these instances, bluffing gives you a chance to bounce back and beat your opponent who may well have a better hand than you.

Think through every bluff and make sure it makes sense. Put yourself in the shoes of your opponent and ask yourself if your bluff makes sense. Just simply putting out a bet as your last chance hope of winning might be completely transparent. So think it through.

4. Start with Low Stakes

Don’t be put off with low stakes. It might be more thrilling to play for large sums of money, but if you ultimately want to win games and build on your skills, then it’s important to play at low stakes and develop your skills.

Firstly, playing these low stakes games will put you at ease and allow you to play without worrying about losing huge sums of money. You’re less likely to tilt, and you’re more likely to make wise decisions even when you feel like you’re in an impossible situation. It’s a way of learning the game without enduring a large amount of risk.

Not only that, but every time you play a low stake game, you’re improving your skills and preparing yourself for high stake games later on. You’ll learn the weaknesses of other players, you’ll build on your ability to make believable bluffs (as we have already mentioned!) and you’ll discover what hands to play.

5. Remember to Use Your Position

Finally, you should always remember to use your position to your advantage. When you’re deciding what hand to play, consider your position. In your early positions, start playing very right, and widen up as you get closer to the BTN. At this point, you can try to take more pots.

The BTN is by far the best and potentially most profitable position in the game. Stay there as long as you can, and play more hands from this position if you can. It might take a while to get used to this tactic, but it can significantly improve your game if you master choosing the right hands to play.

Bonus Tip

OK, we’ve discussed five strategies…but here’s one extra tip.

Avoid multi-tabling, and just stick with a single table! Take in all the information you can, learn, and prepare. Watch how other players are playing the game, check their hands during showdowns, and position yourself for an aggressive but tight approach.