Popular Online Learning Platforms You Should Check Out

Today, education is no longer carried out only in brick-and-mortar institutions. As years go by, the online course and e-learning industry keep expanding, and by 2025, it is estimated that the industry will be worth $325 billion. Today, virtual classrooms are as conventional as traditional classrooms. Everyone is scampering in a bid to find the best platforms, especially now that the Corona pandemic is hampering school learning. In this article, we provide a solution by outlining and discussing some of the best online learning platforms that you could use to earn some skills and get educated. 

1. LinkedIn Learning (Lynda)

LinkedIn is not an excellent social network for career development and professional networking. LinkedIn acquired Lynda .com in 2015 at the cost of $1.5 billion from Lynda Weinman. At this point, they transferred the content on Lynda to their platform, making it one of the most outstanding e-learning platforms. Currently, the platform offers some of the highest-quality courses at all levels for different subjects and disciplines. This wide variety of courses includes economics, web development, software programming, among others. LinkedIn Learning is a platform worth investing in with over 16,000 courses to choose from and a one-month free trial followed by a monthly subscription fee.

2. MasterClass

MasterClass is a popular online learning program, and it is with reason. Celebrities and other famous personalities usually deliver lessons on this platform. On this platform, for example, you can learn how to sing from the famous Christina Aguilera and writing from Dan Brown at a mere $15 per month. With this fee, you have access to all classes, and a single course has 20 lessons, each lasting 10 minutes. You will do assignments, create workbooks, and get involved in community activities. There are discussion boards where you can ask questions and connect with other learners. Thankfully, there are no deadlines, so you can hand in your assignments and learn at your own pace. There are nine class categories for the learners to choose from, but this platform is especially useful for creatives who want to develop their skills and would like to draw inspiration from the best in their fields.

3. Coursera and Udemy

These two names are among the most popular in online learning. Over the years, these two platforms have managed to build stellar reputations. It would be rare to hear a discussion revolving around online learning without the common Udemy vs. Coursera debate. Distinguishing between the two, however, is not hard. Udemy takes a democratic approach to education and focuses on short-term courses in which learners learn skills such as photography. Buying a course from Udemy can cost approximately $10-15, and you have lifetime access once you buy one. If you do not like a course, you can get a refund within 30 days. Classes are available in English, Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish, and Chinese.

Coursera, on the other hand, is more academic. Professors offer the courses here. Coursera, on the other hand, provides a lot of free value but requires you to pay if you need to access grading, assignments and certificates. You can get quality that would look good on your resume from Coursera. Pricing information can only be seen once you are logged in and enrolled.

4. EdX

If you are looking for college-level courses online, EdX could be an excellent place to start because it is the brainchild of MIT and Harvard, making their courses some of the best you can get in the market. A student can either choose to enroll in the free Audit Track or the Paid Verified Track. You will have access to course materials when you opt for the Audit track, but you will not receive certificates or have your assignments graded. The verified record, however, you will get assignments graded and earn a certificate of completion. You can add this certificate to your LinkedIn profile or make it part of your resume. 

Thankfully, if you enrolled in the Audit track and would wish to upgrade to the Verified Track, you have the option but with a deadline. With over 2500 courses to choose from, this platform is one of the best you can ever come across. The classes are offered in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian and Italian languages, and there is a course discussion platform where students interact and share ideas.

The world of online learning is continuously growing as the traditional classroom loses popularity. Some of the best online learning platforms include EdX, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Coursera, and Masterclass.