Video-Sharing Platforms That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Messages used to be the most shared content on the internet, but as speeds have gotten quicker and connections more dependable videos have overtaken messages as by far the most ubiquitous way of sharing content. Indeed, it is likely that this sector still has significant growth left in it due to the development of virtual and augmented reality technologies, as evidenced by the proliferation of video-sharing platforms available. Knowing which platform suits your needs is no easy feat so here we are going to take a look at the platforms that you really shouldn’t miss out on if you want to make your online life a bit easier. 


We will start with the most famous of the lot, Youtube, because it has been around for what seems like decades, yet is still vastly popular. Just what is it about Youtube that drives millions of people to use it on a daily basis? Well, for a start it is free to use; all you need is an account and you can then start sharing your content with friends, and also the wider world. In fact, so many people now use the platform that it is possible to monetize your content and if you are good enough you can even make a living from the advertising revenue you will create. So, if you are looking for a simple-to-use platform, to share general content then you’ve found the right place. 


The rise of Tiktok has been remarkable given just a couple of years ago no one had heard of it, yet it has quickly developed into one of the most widely used platforms for short videos. It is incredibly popular for content relating to music, dancing, DIY, sport, or just general messing around and is beloved of teenagers and early twenty-somethings alike. You can augment your videos with sounds and cartoon style images that your friends will love and have complete freedom to create any form of content you like, you can even edit them with 2D animation. So, if you want to fit in with the hip, young crowd then Tiktok is for you. 


Twitch has become the preeminent video sharing platform for gamers, and gaming has been one of the biggest benefactors of the remarkable rise of the online world. Gamers from all over the world congregate on Twitch to showcase their best moves and characters, and also offer cheat videos allowing you to progress further in your favorite game. Often you need to download these videos and video expert Sybil from Viddly recommends that you use a program that converts the files into MP3 or MP4 format so that you can view them at your leisure. Twitch, like Youtube, allows you to monetize your videos, so if you live in the gaming world this is the platform for you.


Vimeo offers pretty much the same service that you can find on Youtube, but with one major difference: there are none of those damned adverts kicking in halfway through a video, or worse still that you are forced to watch before you can see the content that you are actually on the sight to view. It is possible to upload HD videos that can also be monetized, however, due to the lack of advertising you will need to pay for anything other than the basic service. This doesn’t mean it should put you off, in fact, it can mean that the audience is more exclusive, so you can aim your content more specifically at your target following.


Periscope is a relatively new platform created by the owners of Twitter. Its ultimate selling point is that it allows you to post live streams, so your audience can follow what is happening in real-time. If you are interested in current affairs and watching events develop before your very own eyes then this is the platform for you. It is a great platform for budding musicians or comedians who can live stream their shows, and once you have a sizable following it is perfectly possible to monetize your app.

As the internet has grown so has the number of video-sharing platforms, and each brings its own pros and cons. The most ubiquitous is Youtube which is perfect if you are looking to create an online business given its huge reach. Vimeo will give you the same style platform but with the added benefit of being advert free. If you are a gamer you should head to Twitch where you can compete and show off in front of your peers and Tiktok is the app for the youth who just love making short video memes. Whatever your content there is a video sharing platform for your needs.