How I Began a New Life after Drug Rehab

My life was centered on alcohol and drugs since I was 24 years old. When battling active addiction, everything is turned upside down. Personally, my life was full of endless chaos and there was a time where I even needed to hire Drug Crimes Lawyers. I thought I knew everything and was always right. I was blinded by my lies, weaving a world of imagination full of denial, deceit, and delusion. This combined with an overactive mind and chronic anxiety warped this reality view that steered me further into the addiction life.

Eventually, I lost my job and my wife threatened to leave me with our two children if I didn’t do something about my addiction. My health was deteriorating rapidly. My relationships with relatives and friends were ruined. These are some of the things that prompted me to seek help. Having abused many drugs and alcohol, I knew that I needed detoxification.

After giving it a deep thought and talking to loved ones, I decided to call the rehab number

My call was answered by a friendly and professional representative that provided all the information I needed. I knew that these hotline numbers provide information to addicts that need help or their loved ones. The representative asked me a few questions and guided me accordingly. It’s after this call that I chose the rehab center to seek treatment from which you can Get More Information here.

The Treatment

My addiction treatment period was the most challenging moment in my life. It was painful as my body eliminated the addictive substances. Professionals at the rehab center had warned me that withdrawal syndromes would be painful due to my extended use of drugs and alcohol. Nevertheless, they helped me overcome withdrawal symptoms without using more drugs or alcohol.

My detox was followed by counseling sessions that equipped me with useful life skills. I was taught to identify and avoid or overcome triggers. I must admit that these skills have been quite helpful in my life after drug rehab. What’s more, I managed to address the root causes of my drug addiction and this has enabled me to avoid relapse over the years.

New Life after Drug Rehab

I left the drug rehab on 8th October 2017. This was after undergoing addiction treatment for 90 days. My new life without drugs felt like a huge shift in my personality. It felt like I had just woken up from a deep, long sleep. I felt like a completely different person living without alcohol or drugs.

People were mesmerized by my life’s vibrancy. My friends, family, and relatives were happy about my new self. But, deep down inside me, I knew I had a difficult task ahead. There were ruined relationships to mend. I had to find a job. I also had to deal with my old friends that were still drinking alcohol and abusing drugs. But, this was a second chance in life and I was not ready to ruin it. I felt happy, energetic, and carefree. I had overcome the major obstacle in my life.

Fixing the Damage I Had Done at Work

Before gathering the courage to call a drug addiction hotline to seek help, I had already damaged my career. I had lost my job due to low performance and missed days. As such, I visited my former employer and tried to convince them that I’m a changed person.

Luckily, my former employer decided to give me a second chance at work. I didn’t let them down. I spent my time and energy focusing on my responsibilities at work. This gave me a renewed sense of self-worth. It also filled my time and kept me occupied.

Finding a Sense of Community

At some point, I felt like I didn’t deserve to be part of any community. That’s because I felt guilty of the many wrongs I had done before seeking help with addiction. But, before leaving the rehab center, I was connected to groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. The meetings of this particular group made me feel that I’m part of a community. It provided the solace I needed.

Participating in the activities of this group made me feel that I was not alone in my experiences or struggles. I used to turn to my sponsor whenever I faced cravings. Later on, I sponsored somebody else who always turns to me for assistance in fighting cravings. This has been very helpful in my lifelong sobriety journey.

Changing Friends

Dropping the friends I used to drink and abuse drugs with was a challenging task. But, I realized that this was a must if I had to lead a sober, healthy, and happy life. The majority of my friends continued to use drugs and drink alcohol after I went into rehab. Some of them discouraged me when I told them I wanted to call a rehab number and seek help.

Though some of my old friends felt guilty and rejected, I had to drop them for the sake of my recovery and wellbeing. I dropped all friends that continued to offer me drugs and alcohol knowing very well that I was in recovery.

Luckily, I got new friends at the rehab center and I now have many friends that do not drink alcohol or use drugs. These have formed my social community where we don’t use addictive substances.

Picking up New Activities

Boredom is one of the things that lead to relapse. It was one of the things that led me into drug abuse and alcoholism. Therefore, to avoid relapse, I had to pick new activities to ward off boredom. I have ensured that my new life revolves around recovery, work, and hobbies.

One of the reasons I called a drug helpline was to regain control over my life. I wanted to start enjoying my life again without drugs. I, therefore, had to change my perception of fun by trying different activities.

Today, I engage in activities like playing volleyball, bike rides, swimming, yoga, and playing board games. By engaging in such activities, I have realized that fun is largely about attitude. As long as you are in the right company and in the right place, you can have fun without drinking alcohol or abusing drugs.

The Bottom Line

To start a new life, I had to make hard decisions. I had to gather the courage to call rehab and declare my interest in getting help. After undergoing treatment, I had to change my way of life by dropping some of my old friends, getting a job, and picking up new activities. My new life has not been easy but I have managed to stay alcohol- and drug-free with determination and a positive attitude.