Resuming the Taste It Blog


“Bob, Where have you been for the last eight months?” The question was posed to me the other day at Rosauers.

“Eight months?” I was curious where I had been before the last eight months that made him wonder about only the last eight.

“Yeah, you left me in the middle of learning to sauté. Dude, you have to finish it.”

Where have I been for the last eight months? I will tell you that I got busy in every facet of my life over the last few months. I had a chance to travel (Phoenix twice, New York, Seattle and around Montana.) I took it, connecting with family and friends from many years back all the way to my early childhood.

Where Have I been for the last eight months?

My real estate business took off like a rocket this year, and I charged into it with my usual zeal. I had the opportunity to do an industrial sale, several homes and some land broadening my base and learning more and more every day. I love this business. I love that while I was travelling I could jump on line and stay current with all of my client needs.

On the music scene, Mudfoot and the Dirty Soles had a heck of a year, beginning with the release of our new, self- titled CD, spring and summer shows that stretched into fall and a live CD recorded in November and released just before Christmas.

I also did a show with Spinal Pizza and Friends that included members of the bands that Chris Buzan and I have played in together stretching back into the early 90’s and the mid 80’s for him and me. We were a nine piece band having just a wonderful time wailing away with each other.

I did a couple of solo gigs and wrote a bunch of songs for a sort of solo project that I am working on. As of late I have been playing with a friend that I stayed in touch with via Facebook while he lived in England. He is back now and we are starting to prepare for a solo project each as well as a collaboration.

So truly accept my apology for my not being around for a while. Good, bad or indifferent, I am back and am going to finish the sauté series. There were three lessons already written when I stopped. For those wishing to catch up, you can start with:

How To Saute Part One

How To Saute Part Two

How To Saute Part Three

The series starts with before the sauté series with my story and takes you through what it took for me to be the owner of my own restaurant at the age of 25. The whole series is on line. The sauté part within, is a reference manual on how to create thousands of dishes, in minutes, with a few tools and an imagination.

I have had a great year. I learned a lot, had some fun, and renewed many acquaintances but it is time to get back in the kitchen. Jump on board and let’s do some cooking.

Next up: The miscellaneous tools used in sauté.


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Bob Zimorino is a full-time real estate agent with Lambros/ERA Real Estate, a retired Certified Executive Chef, a musician with the popular local band Mudfoot and the Dirty Soles, a dad, and a grandpa. He shares the experiences from his life that helped shape his careers and hobbies. His weekly “Taste It” blog is his take on the evolution of food in his lifetime.