A Count of Blessings


One. Two.

I count. It’s what I do.

I count how many days until Christmas with my boys, the excitement building. I count how many points I want to make in a speech. I know exactly the number of items on my list.

Counting breaks big things into smaller ones, more bite-sized and palatable. It makes sense.

Yesterday there was a lot of counting. Three guns. One school. 26 people. 20 children.

And today, we begin a long, long count to a number none of us will reach—the place where this might make some sense.

When my sons asked what can we do, All I had was this: We can love people who are hurting or lonely.

And that is too large a number today as well.

Today, all I can count to is two. My blessings. And I will count them over and over.

One. Two.


Publsher’s Note:  Elke Govertsen also wrote this piece for her own website, Mamalode.com. We’re republishing it with her permission:


I Know Nothing. One Mom’s Love for Newtown, Connecticut

I know nothing of the fear of waiting. Nothing of the relief or devastation.

I know nothing of the pain that caused this, and nothing of the pain it caused.
I know nothing of the noise. Or of worse, the silence.
All I know is this: I grieve because safe isn’t. Innocent isn’t. Not today.
I sat with my sons and told them what I could, of something I don’t understand.
I listen to them snore now, still unwilling to get very far from them.
I know nothing of what to say to the moms who are breaking open tonight. Except this, we will hold you. We are in this together. I hold you now on this terrible day and all the tomorrows to come.
Grace for the rage.
Faith for the fear.
Love for the impossible.
I can take nothing away. So I will stand beside you. And love.



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