Paul Wheaton’s CFL Video goes live


Make it Missoula has great content about Missoula, a cool Missoula news feed which highlights the news stories I seem to care about, and more, but the best part of “MIM” are the bloggers.

Each of the bloggers that submit to Make it Missoula have their own special flair.

One with a LOT of flair is the ever entertaining Paul Wheaton.

Paul has been getting more and more press lately, and even appeared on the latest cover of the Missoula Independent newspaper.

But he’s been writing for MIM for a while and during that time, I have learned a lot.

He writes about some pretty off the wall stuff… and often goes against the grain.
You’ve been told to cook with Canola Oil… but Paul claims “organic lard is healthfood“.
You try to recycle cans and plastic… Paul shows us “how to recycle wood” and reduce our need for water in a garden.
Think you want to raise chickens for eggs? Yup, Paul told us How NOT to raise chickens.

But one of Paul’s biggest issues as far as I can tell is with the CFL Lightbulb. Want to unleash a string of four letter words from an otherwise mild mannered gentleman? Just tell him you love your CFL light bulbs, as I did once over lunch at his Favorite greek restaurant in Missoula. I almost choked on my baklava.

So when I heard Paul was starting a kickstarter campaign to test out his radical theories on how CFLs are costing us MORE in terms of both money, and health, I had to pitch in $10 to support him. I then alerted the Make it Missoula team, and they chipped in $100, and were promised a mention in the credits as “Executive Producer of odd smells”. (Did I mention Paul is very silly too)?

So, the results of his experiment are in, and he took all that kickstarter money ($1,045) and made a video as promised.

Here it is:

PS. Besides blogging for Make it Missoula, Paul is a prolific content creator. He runs the forums at, he has a audio Permiculture Podcast, and a fantastic YouTube Channel full of all sorts of nutty ideas.

I don’t always agree with Paul, but I find him to be pretty smart, and worth a moment of your time, especially if you have an interest in the stuff he talks about.

To see his blogs at MIM, just visit Paul Wheaton Blog homepage.


Andy Commons is a Missoula Internet Marketing Consultant, a husband, and father to twin girls. When he has a spare moment he likes to participate in activities that sound relaxing but tend to drive him crazy, like golf and fly fishing. He’s also part of the MakeitMissoula editorial team.