Montana Summer Survival Guide: Go Jump in the…


We were fighting. A lot.

It was hot. The hubby out of town what feels like all the time. The boys and I were in a bad groove. Just getting through the days and generally cranky.

I had a ton of work to do. Ton. TON. But instead, we went to family counseling and then to the lake.

The lakes of Montana are really the sprinkles to our ice cream, the little bits of extra fun and color, and in the summer, cool-down-ness.

I have a few good tricks to beat the heat in the summer (putting the top sheets in the freezer before bedtime, eating only popsicles, and meals that can be assembled with a rotisserie chicken.) but I am typically a bit stranded in town in the summer.

But not this week.

My great buddy invited us to share some slice of the Seeley Swan sprinkles and we went. And long-jumped off the dock. And let the kids snack and swim and veg out on the TV and swim some more. We made absolutely perfect S’mores. I think roasting marshmallows might be my greatest talent. We laughed.

We were gone a total of 25 hours, door to door. In those 25 hours my sons and I found a new groove, one I hope we keep.

And if not… well, we can always go jump in the lake.




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