I really love that word, and not just because it has “hunk” in it (shout out to my hubby!). Thursday was a snow day, and boyohboy, did we hunker.

They said it was coming. The Snow. And lo and behold, they were right.

School closed, the sledding hill at our house known around the neighbor hood as “Liability Hill” opened and the kiddos played all day.

I baked cookies. Like a domestic wonder-mom, which I am not.

Usually I am busy, distracted, reading and am one of those moms who are surprised every day by this damn relentless thing called Dinner. But give me a snow day and I can focus on being here, warm, fluffy white.

But not quiet– the very idea of quiet blankets of snow are being ripped to shreds by the roar of children in my yard. ROAR.

But yes, I baked cookies and delivered them piping hot to the sledders. My dear friend braved the roads with her kiddos and risked being stranded at our house forever. The neighbors trudged over. Our house was full, and so was I.

This works for me. I like to be busy and I love my job. I like to work my rear-end off, so that on days like today I can let it all go, buried in two feet of snow.

Friday was another snow day. I had to go and play.

Hunker away…



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