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Continental Breakfast

By BOB WIRE - I like biscuits and gravy. I don’t like carpenter’s glue with floor sweepings in it. Someone needs to get the word out to a certain hotel chain that there’s a difference.... more

The Right Guy

By ELKE GOVERTSEN - The perfect wedding: stress-free, beautiful, and all of that paled in comparison to the simple fact that I was marrying the right guy.... more

Bob Wire’s State of the Union

By BOB WIRE - As is my tradition, I have put together a translation of the President's State of the Union Speech. What follows is its true meaning, stripped of all euphemism, double-talk, and Capitol-speak.... more


By ELKE GOVERTSEN - Hunker. I really love that word, and not just because it has “hunk” in it (shout out to my hubby!). Thursday was a snow day, and boyohboy, did we hunker.... more

Every Day Is Laundry Day

By BOB WIRE - There’s a line in one of my songs, “Finding Barbie’s Shoes,” that says, “every day is laundry day.” If you have any kids at all, you know what I mean. ... more

Bob Wire’s Christmas Gift Ideas for Discerning Musicians

By BOB WIRE - Most musicians are pretty easy to buy for. One generous gesture would be to pay off his or her hefty bar tab. Trust me—they’ve got one. Somewhere.... more

Dial “M” for Mandolin

By BOB WIRE - I bought a mandolin. Don’t worry, the bluegrass world is safe. ... more

It’s a Funny Thing: Missoula a Starting Point for League of Talented Comedians

By TOR HAUGAN - While Missoula's comedy scene may lack the scale of a larger city's, the Garden City circuit has served as a starting point for a growing group of successful comedians.... more

Music Lessons For Your Kids and Other Ways to Waste Money

By BOB WIRE - I never learned to read music. Hell, sometimes it’s all I can do to read English. So I learned to play by ear. I’m equipped with a strong sense of rhythm, so the guitar was a natural choice.... more

Gourds in Space – Or Punkin Chunkin Missoula Style

By BOB WIRE - They call it Punkin Chunkin’, and it’s one of the things that make people wonder why the hell anyone would move to Montana.... more

How Clean Is Clean?

By BOB WIRE - How clean is clean? It depends on whom you’re cleaning for, and who’s doing the cleaning. I’ve learned (usually the hard way) that “clean” means something different to men than it does t... more

You Can’t Say That On the Radio!

By BOB WIRE - I’ve got a great face for radio, or so I’ve been told.... more