Past Contest Winners

Here is the archive of past winners at Make It Missoula.

September Photo Caption Contest

Congratulations to Grace McNamee Decker!–Her entry in our September Photo Caption Contest won. “When it absolutely, positively has to go with you. Everywhere”. She won a Monte Dolack Poster.


June Photo Caption Contest.

Congratulations to Rob Jasperson, he’s the winner of our photo caption. Rob’s entry: ““Closed for business, management has decided to GO GREEN”” Rob wins a Mark Mesenko Missoula print. Congratulations Rob!



May Photo Caption Contest.

Colin Stoner is our winner! His Caption was, “Just married. A proud Montana husband takes a picture of his new, beautiful bride before they drive off into the sunset.” He won a Print by Mark Mesenko.


Easter Bunny Scavenger Hunt

Congratulations to Deann B. and Nicole S.  They’re the winners of our Easter Bunny Scavenger Hunt.  Stay tuned for our next Contest.

NCAA Men’s Final Four Tournament Bracket Contest.

Congratulations to Kameron Simkins. Kameron won $100 cash in our NCAA Men’s Final Four Tournament Contest. And, congratulations to these preliminary round winners:

David Hall – $75 in gift cards to the Montana Club

Doug Maves – $25 Montana Club gift card

Jessica Doubleday – $25 Montana Club Gift card

Kjel Olson – $25 Montana Club Gift card

Justin Windham – $25 Montana Club Gift card



We asked:  What’s your favorite Montana (or Missoula) saying?

For the record, OUR favorite Montanaism comes from the writer Norman Maclean:

“The world is full of bastards, the number increasing rapidly the further one gets from Missoula, Montana.”

Here are the Top Three Vote getters…and then a few more of our favorites:

1. My mom says this about people who always complain. “They’d bitch if they got hung with a new rope”. I love saying it back here in CT! – Margy

2. Well rub my rear in butter and call me a biscuit – John

3. We used to say, “I hope Summer falls on a weekend this year!” – Gail

  • The prettiest view in Montana is Butte in your rear view mirror. – Randy
  • The coldest winter i ever spent in Montana was one summer in Shelby Montana – Lenny
  • My Grandfather and his father before him homesteaded in central Montana. Regarding property of someone else that he liked himself: ” If I had it and you had a feather we’d both be tickled” – Ron
  • The seasons in Montana are winter, winter, still winter and construction. -Heather
  • You know your in Montana when you ask, How far is it? and you get the response “Just down the road a piece.” – Duane
  • You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning. – Jen
  • Montana is where you have six months of Winter and six months of company. – Mindy
  • My father-in-law had a favorite saying regading any kind of hurdle life would throw his way…”if she don’t buck, she ain’t no rodeo.  – Tim
  • On a real winter day in Montana it is- “Clear as a bell and colder than hell!” – Gail
  • My Grandparents farmed in central Montana. With regard to a good rain: “It’s raining like a cow pissin on a flat rock”. – Carol
  • Bobcats SUCK! – Mike

Valentines Day Contest Voting – it’s a TIE!

After reviewing all the votes, and editing out a few that voted more than the allowed once a day, we’re happy to announce we have two winners!  Geoff and Heather will split the prize, and each get a $50 gift card to The Red Bird! Congrats to both. We’ll be in touch soon to arrange delivery of your prize.

Best Lady Griz Memory Contest

Congratulations to Skyla Sisco–she was the winner of the “University of Montana” poster by Monte Dolack. Skyla Sisco winning entry:

“So many memories – I’d have to say my top was playing #1 ranked Tennessee in Dahlberg – standing room only – a very, very close game at one point it was so loud i was screaming to a teammate who couldn’t hear me though she was only an arms length away – such an incredible atmosphere… second- a big ‘get Noise for Boise’ game. I was a red-shirt on the bench – Ann was on the freethrow line near the end of the game, the score was tied… Rob was pacing – then he turned around and yelled at the bench “Every Body Pray!”…lowered his head… then yelled back at the bench “Never mind, not even God could help her!”… She made the free-throw, we won!”

Brawl of the Wild Contest Winner:  NativeMTBoy

“It’s the one time a year I can taunt my older brother (Cat alum) like we were kids again. He told me he was watching the game at a Seattle bar with 12 other folks, which I responded, “That’s probably all you can find!”. Now if I could only hold him down long enough to get him back for all the tittie-twisters he gave me as a kid.”

Halloween Photo Contest – Winner!

Congrats to Erinda, the winner of our Halloween photo contest. She won an awesome print of a photo by Nelson Kenter. (Available  for purchase on his website at

Nelson Kenter Flower Print

You know you’re GRIZ FAN when… Contest –

Winning entries. (10/03/10)

  • …It is “wear your favorite team jersey” to work day in Minneapolis….among the sea of purple & white Viking jerseys was me sporting my maroon ‘Go Griz’ one & damn proud of it too!–TRB Holt
  • …you stop in Belgrade or Livingston, to avoid spending money in Bozeman for any reason–Pistol
  • …your laundry loads are separated into whites, darks, and maroon–robinmae

Congratulations to our winners – they each won a $50 gift card to J. Elaine’s Boutique–Missoula Downtown’s Exclusive retailer of Griz Wear!

You know you’re in Missoula when…Contest


  • …a guy on the street offers to trade you a hemp necklace for your taco del sol taco. –Cait
  • …you hear the word “Reserve” and think of traffic instead of a good bottle of wine.–CC The Trained Monkey
  • …your neighbors start sleeping in the garage so their black labs are more comfortable in the master bedroom.–Laurel

Congratulations to our winners – they each won a $50 gift card to the Montana Club.