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Christians, Lions and Wives of New Jersey

By MARK RIFFEY - How are you spending your downtime? You may not have any influence over your team’s downtime, but you can still set an example.... more

A Recipe For Teamwork

By MARK RIFFEY - If you had to make up a recipe for teamwork, what would you stir in?... more

Are you Hiring Millennials?

By MARK RIFFEY - Where will your company be in 15-20 years if you don't hire, groom and train 18-34 year olds over the next 10 years?... more

Take Ownership

By MARK RIFFEY - Whether you like it or not, anyone who sells for you, advertises for you, reps for you or in any way helps you sell what you do REPRESENTS YOU.... more

Context Equals Opportunity

By MARK RIFFEY - When your client is under pressure, you have an opportunity to create a memory that can last a lifetime.... more

How Do You Protect Your Business?

By MARK RIFFEY - Business owners protect their business by reducing risk, managing cash flow, getting appropriate legal advice and insuring their people and assets properly.... more

Strategies to Improve Your Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday

By MARK RIFFEY -The rushes are over. What did you learn? What can you fix now? What needs to be fixed for next time? Write it down.... more

Lessons From Working at Home

By MARK RIFFEY -Geoffrey James put together a list of 10 lessons learned from his working from home. I’ve worked at home and in my kayak since 1999 so I thought I'd chime in. ... more

Your Referrals Leave An Impression

By MARK RIFFEY -Only a fool would believe that a referral doesn’t reflect on the one who makes it. So why do it poorly?... more

Making Employees Feel Safe

By MARK RIFFEY -When people don’t feel safe, it damages every conversation. Often they say nothing, as if they have no opinion, have nothing to add, and agree with whatever’s already been said.... more

The Ones You Can’t Trust

By MARK RIFFEY -Stop putting up with them. Stop encouraging them. Stop tolerating them.... more

On The Playing Field, Little Things Matter

By MARK RIFFEY -Little things drive the quality of your customers' experience but they don't happen by accident.... more

Selling, Marketing and Wyoming’s Cutt-Slam

By MARK RIFFEY -The fish rejects your fly for the same reason that prospects ignore your message.... more

Experience Management Matters

By MARK RIFFEY -Delivery of a product or service is about far more than the act of your client opening the box or getting the service they paid for.... more

Beware Of National Distraction Season

By MARK RIFFEY -National distraction season is upon us. Are you ready? I’m referring to election/political season and the drama it brings to the workplace.... more

Extinguish Employee Drama

By MARK RIFFEY - It’s critical to the long term success of your career as a manager, or as an owner, to create a culture of drama non-proliferation at your business.... more

When The Smoke Clears, Will Your Reputation?

By MARK RIFFEY - How your business delivers when things are tough sets the tone for your future.... more

Get One More Per Day, Week, Month

By MARK RIFFEY - Doubling the sales of a business tends to result in doing things the same way, but doing them twice as often, or somehow doing twice as many of them.... more

Communicate When Fire Threatens

By MARK RIFFEY - Send the right message to the right guests in a timely manner in the right way. Build trust. Practice, automate, document, delegate.... more

Summer Fire Communication Can Burn You

By MARK RIFFEY - Even though the Reynolds Creek Fire is only 65% contained, the Going-to-the-Sun road is mostly open. 99.97% of the park is not burning and it remains more than capable of wowing.... more

Why Do They Want To Disrupt My Business?

By MARK RIFFEY - The big word in the startup world is disruption, as in “We will disrupt the what-cha-ma-call-it market.” ... more

No Customers Beyond This Point

By MARK RIFFEY - I’m in the market for a new-to-me rig. I don’t switch rigs very often, so it’s a slow process to make sure I buy it right.... more

What Do You Do About Bad Competitors?

By MARK RIFFEY - I don’t talk much about competitors. First, because you have far more to gain by investing time and effort into improving your own business.... more

Filling Cracks With Automation and Metrics

By MARK RIFFEY - Metrics tell you what happened and in some cases, what is happening, but they don’t tell you what to do next. By themselves, metrics can get lonely.... more

Good Metrics, Better Metrics

By MARK RIFFEY - Hiding inside most good metrics is better, actionable information.... more

The Importance of Performance Metrics

By MARK RIFFEY - Quality and performance metrics drive your business. Do you know your critical metrics?... more

The Care and Feeding of Leads

By MARK RIFFEY - Coming up with the right question can be a lot harder than not having the answers. And answers are better than assumptions.... more

Park Service to Open Iconic Sun Road On Glacier’s West Side

By DILLON TABISH - Summer is Here! The National Park Service announced Wednesday that the Going-to-the-Sun Road, is expected to fully open on the west side on Thurs., June 11.... more

The Care and Feeding of Leads

By MARK RIFFEY - How are you caring for the warm leads that you get each day? It matters.... more

Sunshine Marketing as Self-Defense

By MARK RIFFEY - Have you ever signed a non-compete, non-disclosure clause as a condition of employment? Do you make your employees and / or contractors sign one?... more

A Forecast of Shadows

By MARK RIFFEY - Warning: I’m about to discuss some technology things (yes, again), with good reason. IT affects every business niche, including yours. This isn’t about IT. It’s about everything.... more

Can You Predict Future Revenue?

By MARK RIFFEY - What would you be able to focus on if you weren’t running about the place trying to chase down enough sales to make next week’s payroll?... more

Robots, Rural Small Business and China

By MARK RIFFEY - Would robotics address rural small business challenges like it does in China?... more

What Your Customers Don’t Know

By MARK RIFFEY - What you think they know, what they really know, what they've forgotten. Why Messaging is so important in marketing your business.... more

Internationally Renowned Barbara Wold in Missoula for Business Workshops May 7-8

The Missoula Downtown Association presents Barbara Wold. An expert in retail sales and tourism, Wold will hold three business development workshops and a keynote luncheon May 7 & 8th.... more

Winning Against the Chain Store

By MARK RIFFEY - Yesterday, I sat down in a store that’s part of a Montana-based coffee shop chain. I drove past a national coffee chain to reach this place. Why should I drive past them to vist you?... more

The Hardest Part of Helping A Business

By MARK RIFFEY - There are a lot of rewards that come with helping businesses improve beyond what they expected.... more

Sales That Hide From You

By MARK RIFFEY - How do you find hidden sales in your prospect list? How do you know when lead is no longer interested in buying? How do you know when they are ready to buy? ... more

How To Build a Follow Up System

By MARK RIFFEY - It’s important to develop a system of consistently following up with your clients. A system can all but eliminate the cracks.... more

Everyone Can Sell, If you Train Them

By MARK RIFFEY - Sales taining matters--for everyone and on every shift. Here's why--you do the math.... more

A Simple, High-Value Tactic That Many Miss

By MARK RIFFEY - FOLLOW UP: The most common reason that follow up doesn’t happen is that there’s no system to manage it. Without a system those follow up tasks are soon forgotten.... more

What’s Holding Your Business Back?

By MARK RIFFEY - Are sales down? Don't get desperate. Get Facts. When an owner is desperate for business, (at least) two things often take place in an effort to turn things around:... more

Desperate for Business?

By MARK RIFFEY - Are sales down? Don't get desperate. Get Facts. When an owner is desperate for business, (at least) two things often take place in an effort to turn things around:... more

Do You Value Your Clientele?

By MARK RIFFEY - The behavior of our business indicates how we value our clientele. Some businesses value what they do and work hard for every lead. Every client. Every order. Every payment.... more

We Have No Time for Yoga Pants

By MARK RIFFEY - Whether you believe the yoga pants thing was a joke or not, it doesn’t really matter. Helena's work is serious business, and it's personal.... more

Looking to Disrupt a Market?

By MARK RIFFEY - We earn the privilege to stay in our market every day. When we don’t, we often expose opportunity we’ve ignored, provoking someone to disrupt a market.... more

The Pace of Change

By MARK RIFFEY - If things have seemed a bit frenetic in your business lately, you’re not alone. Things are changing faster than ever, including the pace of change.... more

Planning For a Strategic Tradeshow

By MARK RIFFEY - Trade shows aren't vacation. They're strategically important. Plan them that way.... more

Do I Really Need to Exhibit At Trade Shows?

By MARK RIFFEY - Trade shows are focused gatherings of clients, prospects and vendors. Why bother?... more

The Shortcut To Easier Sales

By MARK RIFFEY - The Shortcut to sales starts with a simple question: Who is the ideal person for your product/service? Who's Your Target Audience?... more