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Smoke Be Damned: Fall Is Headed Our Way

By PAUL QUENEAU - It’s been bad around the Missoula and Bitterroot valleys these past couple months. But a Pacific deliverance and autumn may well be headed this way.... more

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough for Montana Adventurer Conrad Anker

By DILLON TABISH - For 30 years, Bozeman resident Conrad Anker has explored the world, including Mt. Everest, as one of its most renowned climbers and mountaineers.... more

Missoula’s Crazy Spring Weather, a Conversation Starter

By JEN SLAYDEN - Missoula, with your fickle seasons, winter inversions, spring snow storms, and river running through it: Thank you for giving us something to talk about!... more

Multimedia: The Sights of Spring in Missoula

By JEN SLAYDEN - I get a little weary during spring, wanting Mother Nature to hurry up and let the sun shine. While we wait, here are a few early Missoula spring sights.... more

Photo Gallery | Gratitude as Mount Jumbo’s South Zone Reopens

By PAUL QUENEAU - Today, Mount Jumbo's south zone reopens to people after its winter hibernation so that the elk and mule deer could range in peace. ... more

An Elegy for a Tree

By JEN SLAYDEN - Like many Missoulians, I take to the trails to alleviate my stress. Recently, I was sad to find that my favorite lone tree on Mount Jumbo was chopped down.... more

Missoula Story of the Week: Wolf Hunting in Montana

By TOM DIDDEL - A recap of this week's most talked-about story in Missoula. This week, it's wolf hunting in Montana and the controversy that surrounds it.... more

Missoula Bucks Lightening their Loads

By PAUL QUENEAU - February is antler-shedding month for many whitetails and mule deer around western Montana. ... more