Best Rifle Magazines in 2022

No matter how great your rifle is – it is worth nothing without a good magazine. Fortunately, a poor-quality mag is easy to replace.

From our guide, you’ll learn what exactly makes a good magazine in 2022 and which brands deliver the best ones.

How to Choose the Best Rifle Magazine

Let’s name the mag parts. The magazine body contains the follower, the part that supports ammunition, and the spring that pushes the rounds as the rifle cycles. The top of the body has feed lips that hold ammo inside the mag, and the bottom has the floor plate.

The first thing you should consider is the follower. Old and poorly-designed magazines are susceptible to the tilted follower issue caused by the follower being very dirty or worn. The reason lies in the different lengths of the follower’s legs – when the front one is shorter, the uneven pressure applied to it may cause it to lock up, which will cause feeding problems.

Modern followers manufactured with this issue in mind feature the anti-tilt design, with a longer front leg and reinforced rear leg.

Once you’ve made sure your mag in question has an anti-tilt follower, pay attention to the spring material. The best mag springs are made of stainless steel since it gives the greatest wear resistance.

Your next consideration is the exterior, particularly the feed lips and the box itself. The body should be tough and durable to survive rugged environments, extensive use, and occasional drop-offs.

Today, shooters choose between polymer, metal, and hybrid mags. Metal magazines are sturdy, but slight feed lip deformation and expansion sometimes can be hard to detect in time. On the other hand, one glance at a polymer mag is enough to tell whether it’s out of spec. Moreover, magazines made from high-grade polymer match metal ones in durability.

A hybrid magazine is a combination of polymer and metal. Usually, hybrid mags feature a plastic body and metal feed lips.

Now, who makes the best rifle magazines that are tough, durable, and reliable? Let’s find out.

Best Magazines for Rifles

We all know that the AR-15 is America’s most popular and beloved platform. However, it’s not only AR-15 shooters who need quality magazines. Though most of the mentioned brands focus on 5.56 magazines for AR15-pattern rifles, we’ve also included other designs.


Only a complete beginner hasn’t heard this name because Magpul is on everyone’s lips. It’s a leading manufacturer of firearm accessories and a popularizer of polymer designs. The fact that the company’s products become parts of numerous firearms models speaks volumes. For example, the Remington 700, the Savage 110, and Ruger rifles feature Magpul stocks, while the Daniel Defense DD5 V5, the CZ Scorpion, and other rifles are shipped with Pmags.

Pmags were revised several times, and as of 2022, Pmag Gen M3 is the latest version boasting improved material, an extended feature set, and extended compatibility. The design is available in several calibers, such as the Pmag .308 magazine, compatible with the AR-10, SR-25, and M110 platforms, or the bolt-action Pmag. The company also makes the best magazines for .300 Blackout.

As for the overall design, the Pmag Gen M3 Magpul AR-15 mags feature a super-durable, high-tension stainless steel spring and a four-way self-lubricating anti-tilt follower. The interior uses constant-curve geometry for smooth feeding and over-travel insertion stop on the spine to prevent over-insert. The exterior features aggressive grid-pattern texturing on all sides and the Magpul Dot Matrix for marking different loads.

If you’re an avid range shooter, consider the M60 or the M50 – the Magpul drum mags compatible with AR15/ M4, LR/SR, HK94/MP5, and other platforms.


ProMag is a name you might have never heard of, but it doesn’t mean its products aren’t worth the whistle. Since the company specializes only in magazines, the mag range is a lollapalooza. The impression is that it has everything, from the translucent polymer Ruger 10/22 magazine to the AR-15 drum mag in 9mm.

Unlike Magpul, ProMag makes a vast variety of mag designs, including metal and polymer. Metal magazines have rugged bodies made from high-carbon heat-treated steel, while polymer ones are manufactured using the injection molding technique ensuring consistency and durability.

The best ProMag AR mags accommodate anti-tilt roller followers and heat-treated chrome silicon springs delivering consistent pressure and reliable feeding.


If you’re looking for an AR-10/AR-15 magazine, we advise you to have a closer look at Hexmag mags. The company is best known for pioneering a colored system that uses a colorful follower and latch plate for ammunition identification.

Hexmag uses two materials in its magazines – the PolyHex2 advanced composite that, according to the company info, delivers reliable performance and superior toughness, or the Carbon Senthex advanced carbon fiber polymer that reduces weight by 20 percent, which contributes to the overall balance of the system.

The features include a corrosion- and fatigue-resistant heat-treated stainless-steel spring, a tool-less body design for easy maintenance, and, of course, an iconic hexagonal pattern.

Hexmag magazines are available in standard (30 rounds) and reduced (20 and 10 rounds) capacity, as well as in internally-limited designs.

Elite Tactical Systems

Looking for a mag with a sophisticated design? Consider Elite Tactical making clear polymer rifle magazines for the AR-15, Heckler & Koch MP5, and CZ Scorpion EVO. With a glance at the translucent body, it’s easier to see when it is down to the last few rounds. Very practical.

The ETS advanced clear polymer is durable and resistant to all kinds of threats, like impacts, harsh temperature fluctuations, UV, and chemicals.

Let’s consider the ETS AR-15 magazines. The basic version features no-creep feed lips, a bigger over-insert tab for better mag retention, an anti-tilt follower, a toolless design, and grip ribs. Additional features include a follower with tritium inserts that glow in the dark and a coupler that allows connecting multiple mags.

Lancer Systems

Lancer manufactures one of the best hybrid magazines in popular calibers, such as 5.56/.223, .308 Win, .300 BLK, and 6.5 CM. Lancer mags take the best of the two worlds, featuring hardened steel feed lips less susceptible to distortion and crack as well as a lightweight body made from a durable polymer. The company’s magazines come in translucent and opaque designs in various colors.

The compatibility list is comprehensive, starting with AR-15, SIG MCX, and HK416 and ending with AR-10, SR-25, and S&W M&P10.