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Liz Marchi: Life Interrupted

By LIZ MARCHI - As I age, I have found it very valuable to look at life’s circumstances as opportunities to learn more about this amazing journey we call life.... more

Liz Marchi: Picking Raspberries

By LIZ MARCHI - The greatest reward for me in my modicum of new found patience is picking raspberries... more

Liz Marchi: Summer on the Ranch

By LIZ MARCHI - Life is good. Summer in Montana…like nothing else. ... more

Make Montana Home

By LIZ MARCHI - I Made Montana Home and it’s made my life enormously rich in the things that are meaningful.  Find your meaning in Montana.... more

Death Over Dinner

By LIZ MARCHI - Death over dinner is a nonprofit with a goal of getting us to have the most important conversation we are not having, how we want to die.... more

Liz Marchi: 2018

By LIZ MARCHI - The best laugh I got from New Year’s greeting yesterday was Happy 2018, may you look 20 and feel 18.... more

Liz Marchi: The Times of Our Lives

By LIZ MARCHI - My kids get very annoyed at the time I spend on Facebook but I love being visually reminded of what I was doing 8 years ago because I DON’T REMEMBER.... more

Liz Marchi: Birthdays, Vacation and Tornadoes

By LIZ MARCHI -I will be looking for the fog to lift and the sun to warm my little Polson, Montana. May we all have that experience as our year unfolds.... more

Liz Marchi: Riding it Over the Top

By LIZ MARCHI -Riding it Over the Top for me, well this photo says it all! Happy Monday snow day in Montana!... more

Liz Marchi: 2017–It’s Here!

By LIZ MARCHI - In gratitude, I begin a New Year so thankful for the journey traveled and the road ahead. May your 2017 be rich in friends, family, health and happiness.... more

Liz Marchi: Home

By LIZ MARCHI - I don’t know if it’s the holidays, winter or age, but of late “there is no place like home.”... more

Liz Marchi: Getting Over It

By LIZ MARCHI - Aging lesson number 789, getting over it takes longer. Give yourself some space.... more

Liz Marchi: Family, Seasons and Change

By LIZ MARCHI - My husband, turned 70 a few weeks ago, at what may have been one of my top 10 parties ever.... more

Liz Marchi: Adolescence and Aging

By LIZ MARCHI - This I believe: we must keep our minds, bodies and our social connections growing even when it’s hard. That’s foundational to a life in full.... more

Liz Marchi: Comb Over

By LIZ MARCHI - I have spent the last 10 days doing something I don’t do much of, revisiting a place in time. The occasion: my 40th College Reunion.... more

Liz Marchi: Voting, Travel, Air and Water

By LIZ MARCHI - I have known for a long time that my idea of being rich is living on this beautiful piece of earth called Montana, on a ranch with clean air and a river that runs clear.... more

Liz Marchi: Home Again

By LIZ MARCHI - I just returned, from what has been annual pilgrimage, from a week in the Deep South with my Mom and Dad. As I age, I cherish my amazing family all across the country and cultures.... more

Bows, Bunnies and Baby Cows

By LIZ MARCHI - A recent visit by friends reminded me of the importance of Easter traditions and rituals in the south. We love our homes cozy and well decorated, we love our food.... more

Liz Marchi: Reflection

By LIZ MARCHI - One of the joys of aging for me has been time for reflection, the time to find a “neutral zone” and really think and reflect.... more

Liz Marchi: Sleep

By LIZ MARCHI - I am grateful every morning that my alarm doesn’t go off at 4:00am as it did for the better part of 20 years.... more

Liz Marchi: In the New Year 2016

By LIZ MARCHI - The last two years have been spent trying to change habits, explore new opportunities and changing tempo. I have had mixed results.... more

Liz Marchi: Curiosity and Perfection

By LIZ MARCHI - I am so glad I lived to read Lean In by Cheryl Sandburg. She affirms both curiosity and bossiness as positive attributes in girls. ... more

Liz Marchi: Seasons Change

By LIZ MARCHI - Fall has arrived and we are preparing the ranch for winter. We downsized this year but the plan is to ranch until the end. I am good with that.... more

Liz Marchi: Tomatoes, Tempo and the Short Game

By LIZ MARCHI - Until I began cooking on my own did I realize that what passed for a tomato in the grocery store was nothing like the flavor feast I was accustomed to.... more

Liz Marchi: Wiring

By LIZ MARCHI - The older I get, the more I believe we are wired very early in life for a certain path. My husband and I share a lot of the same wiring and lot of very different wiring. ... more

Liz Marchi: Maintenance

By LIZ MARCHI - Maintenance has never been a sexy concept for me. I like startups, building, remodeling. As I age, all of that is changing. Maintenance is EVERYTHING. ... more

Liz Marchi: Digital Detox

By LIZ MARCHI - This weekend was Big Sky Dev Con in Bozeman. This was year 5 of the event which is another of those little known but extraordinary things going on in Montana. ... more

Liz Marchi: Manners, the Masters and Equal Pay

By LIZ MARCHI - Be on notice, hitting on women is unwelcome and exhibits the worst in manners. Sexist comments and jokes are NOT funny.... more

Liz Marchi: Give Me Patience for Parents

By LIZ MARCHI - I am flying back to Bozeman after spending two weeks with my Mom and Dad and family in Alabama. I am so conflicted about them these days. ... more

Liz Marchi: On Birthdays and Aging

By LIZ MARCHI - Sunday was my 61st birthday. The great thing about a January birthday is that you spend the entire month thinking about the New Year, goals, planning and “getting ready.” ... more

Liz Marchi: Paper Bliss

By LIZ MARCHI - As much as I love to clean and organize, my husband loves to keep every piece of paper that he's ever owned. Whatever your bliss is, nurture it, edit it and own it in 2015!... more

Liz Marchi: Working in Yoga Pants

By LIZ MARCHI - What’s great about yoga pants, other than they are comfortable, is that I don’t use any mental energy getting dressed on days when I work from the barn. ... more

Liz Marchi: Handing Off

By LIZ MARCHI - My work life has been full of aspirations and over reach. I have always aspired to do things that I wasn’t credentialed to do and that people said were too hard to do. ... more

Liz Marchi: Operating Without a Plan

By LIZ MARCHI - Defining purpose. That’s how I always started any endeavor. Why are we doing it, what does it look like when it’s a success? ... more

Liz Marchi On Entrepreneurship: Rewiring

By LIZ MARCHI -Entrepreneurs are different. They are almost never satisfied with the way things are. They are always looking for ways to make things better, faster, more efficient, and/or smarter. ... more

Time and Labor Day

By LIZ MARCHI -Labor Day is one of my favorite weekends of the year. Growing up in a college town, it was all about back to school, semesters, students and college football.... more

Appreciating Life More at 60 Than at 16

By LIZ MARCHI - Life is about the lens you choose. Age can give us a refined sense of what’s important, beautiful and meaningful. I loved the glasses I wore last week.... more

Partners in Business and Life

By LIZ MARCHI -In partnerships in business and life, don’t let yourself be emotionally sabotaged by someone you can’t count on. Move on, find your people and be productive.... more

Montana Women: Key Players in the Startup World

By LIZ MARCHI - I struggle every day with intensity. All in, push to the goal line has always been my style. That’s not a good style for ageing so I am trying hard to be more focused.... more

The Search for Mentors

By LIZ MARCHI - As I look back on my career journey, I look at the role mentors played in guiding my choices in life and work. What’s a mentor? For me, it was someone whom I admired and wanted to emulate. ... more

Future and Past

By LIZ MARCHI - How do Buddhist and Baptist compare and contrast? The poverty in the deep south of my childhood was not unlike what I saw in recent trip to Myanmar. ... more

Returning, Reset, Rethink, Remember

By LIZ MARCHI - I left Montana on January 8 on a journey that will take me years to fully digest. I spent three weeks in Myanmar (Burma). It was my first trip to Asia.... more

The Girls Network

By LIZ MARCHI - This past weekend I enjoyed the company of three ladies that I adore. Understanding our past work and career history enables us to focus on today and what matters for the future. ... more

Yesterday and Tomorrow

By LIZ MARCHI - I feel a tug today. I left my Mom early this morning in Alabama. She is still beautiful at 82 but she is tired. She lost her last sibling last week. ... more

Dinner Parties

By LIZ MARCHI - I love dinner parties--especially in the summer. I love setting the table, getting out the china, glasses, linens, silverware, doing flowers and planning the menu.... more

Tempo, Time and Results

By LIZ MARCHI - I think in threes. If you can get three points across that folks remember then you are doing well. So this August I'm thinking about Tempo, Time and Results.... more

Liz Marchi on Making Room in Life: Less is More

By LIZ MARCHI - Every day I am living and learning, less IS more. I am learning to hit delete to meetings, events and information that don’t really matter. After all, I have a garden to grow.... more

Making Room in a Gated Community

By LIZ MARCHI - It’s good to stop and get a perspective on what really matters to you. Age robs us of energy and stamina but rewards us with perspective. ... more

Pivot: Knowing When to Change Direction

By LIZ MARCHI - If you are a lucky rancher, you have a pivot, which waters a lot of ground. In the business world, pivot is one of the terms du jour. If it isn’t working, pivot: change direction, change stra... more

Legends of Our Own Minds: My 41st High School Mini Reunion

By LIZ MARCHI - I just spent 3 days at the beach with 5 high school girlfriends, some I have known since 1st grade. Geez, is it really all about childhood? I don’t know but it certainly matters.... more