Liz Marchi on Making Room in Life: Less is More


Hail, wind, rain, whitewater, rattlesnakes; a week on the Middle Fork of the Salmon in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.  What a wonderful opportunity.  My first time off the grid, camping and rafting for 7 days.

I expected interesting people and beautiful scenery, the adrenaline rush from Class 4 rapids.  What I didn’t expect was the reset of a mind that has way too much going on most of the time.

The week on the river gave me a rest.  Every moment was focused on water, animals, setting up camp, eating, drinking wine and a million stars.  Two and half millions acres of wilderness, the sky is breathtaking.

Rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.  Liz Marchi

Rafting with my husband, Jon, on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

As I reconnected, I had a stronger sense of clarity about what’s important: family, friends, young people (especially women entrepreneurs) and dirt.  I really love the dirt.

Depsite grand delusions of being wonder woman, I need to make room.  Today, we are cleaning out the barn which now houses the Executive Offices of Liz Marchi Consulting and Frontier Angel Fund 1 and 2.  I plan to carve out a play space for my grandchildren.

I am learning to hit delete to meetings, events and information that don’t really matter.  Think I am done trying to change and move institutions, people and organizations that evolve slowly.  I don’t have the time for that.

I have a garden to grow, a fund to raise and entrepreneurs to engage.   Innovation trips my trigger every day.  The Mountain Hardware tent we slept in last week was NOTHIING like the canvas tent I camped in at Camp Concharatee on Pine Mountain, Georgia as a Girl Scout.  (Yes, I earned every badge.)  Every day I am living and learning, less IS more.

Liz Marchi: Making Room; Less is more

I have a garden to grow! Isn’t she a beauty?!


Liz Marchi


Liz Marchi lives on a ranch in Polson, Montana  with her husband Jon. She is the Fund Coordinator for the Frontier Angel Fund and spends a lot of time thinking and learning about entrepreneurs, the economy and Montana’s unique place in the world. She has three daughters and a stepson and daughter and a grandchild.  She graduated from Hollins College and is entering the final quarter of life…unless we go into overtime.