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Missoula is the Place for Bluegrass Music

By MARK VOSURGH. Wanna Jam? Missoulians, You are SO in luck. Missoula has a great bluegrass scene with at least 15 area bands playing bluegrass, and a ton of great musicians.... more

Get Out of the Kitchen Next Week: My Favorite Missoula Restaurants

By MARGARET HORTON - Thanksgiving is next week and it’s got me thinking: I’ll provide place to stay and the home-cooked meals for my guests, but it’s also fun get everybody out for a meal.... more

Best Bars in Missoula for Getting a Free Birthday Drink

By RYAN NEWHOUSE - I’ve put together a list of the best bars in Missoula for celebrating a birthday, based on extensive research, phone calls, and personal past experience.... more

Introducing the Black Mountain Boys and
Weekly Missoula Bluegrass Music

By MARK VOSBURGH - Where is Missoula's free weekly bluegrass show? Hint: Look for the grain bin on Reserve Street.... more

Beer Brings Jobs to Montana and Great Microbreweries to Its Citizens

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. If our country was termed the United States of Beer, Montana would rightly be its capital. ... more

Missoula Restaurant Owners & Chefs:
Curtis Strohl and Nate Jerrell – Mercantile Deli

By BOB ZIMORINO. Chefs and Owners: Curtis Strohl and Nate Jerrell of Mercantile Deli. I met Nathan and Curtis through my nephew Alex. They worked together at Bravo Catering and the two of them decided to strik... more

Seeley Lake Brew Fest and Tamarack Festival: A Weekend of Fun and Suds

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. This weekend kegs will be tapped and poured at the annual Seeley Lake Brew Fest and Tamarack Festival. The event kicks off on Friday October 7 at 7:00 p.m. with festivities throughout the week... more

Missoula Restaurant Owners & Chefs:
Bill Worden – The Shack Cafe

By BOB ZIMORINO. Chefs and Owners: Bill Worden of The Shack Cafe. I have known Bill Worden for over thirty years. We have eaten in each other’s restaurants, always been respectful and usually shared a laugh o... more

Kate and John Bike for Food and Beer

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. John and Kate Suscovich launched a 24,000-mile journey by bike three and half months ago in New York. The goal was to raise awareness about living active lifestyles and making educated food ch... more

Missoula Restaurant Owners & Chefs:
Justin Philbrick – Red Robin and Jakers

By BOB ZIMORINO. Chefs and Owners: Justin Philbrick of Red Robin and Jakers. I met Justin Philbrick at the Red Robin Restaurant in Southgate Mall. I found him to be articulate and engaging, two qualities every ... more

Missoula Makes Room for Draught Works Brewery

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. Inching ever more closely to an expected late-September opening, owners of Draught Works Brewery, Jeff Grant and Paul Marshall, are ready to quench Missoulians’ never-ending thirst for good ... more

2011 Maverick Brewfest Hits Caras Park on Friday

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. The 13th Annual Maverick Brewfest is kicking off at 4:00 p.m. on Friday September 9 at Caras Park. The event raises money for the Missoula Athletic Council, which has supported youth athletics... more

Missoula Restaurant Owners & Chefs:
Tom Hilley – Sean Kelly’s and Stone of Accord

By BOB ZIMORINO. Chefs and Owners: Tom Hilley of Sean Kelly's and Stone of Accord. I met Tom Hilley as a real estate agent before I knew him as a restaurant owner. This interview was our first in depth conversa... more

Missoula Musician David Boone

By MARGARET HORTON. During the past couple of years visiting Missoula I’ve been fortunate to have been introduced to the talent of Missoula-based songwriter and musician, David Boone. I quickly purchased a co... more

Be a Winner – Brew at Home

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. Now that the Western Montana Fair has left town and the smoke from nearby forest fires has arrived, it’s time to stay inside and think about drinking – or to think about making a drink.... more

Missoula Restaurant Owners & Chefs:
Raul Gomez – Fiesta En Jalisco

By BOB ZIMORINO. Chefs and Owners: Raul Gomez of Fiesta En Jalisco. I met Raul at their original N. Reserve Street location at Deano’s. He was always a genial host and I do love their food. They have since mo... more

Dolce — as in Caffe Dolce

By MARGARET HORTON.I spent a few minutes trying to get a feel for the use of the Italian word dolce. In reference to food it speaks of something sweet and agreeable to the palate.... more

Missoula Restaurant Owners & Chefs:
Will & Kiira Bauerle – Bob’s Pizza, Pretzel Place and Freemo’s

By BOB ZIMORINO. Chefs and Owners: I am seated with Will and his wife Kiira for my first husband/wife interview for the series. They are the managing partners for the Missoula based restaurant chain.... more

My Top 10 Things . . . About Missoula

By MARGARET HORTON. I don’t make top ten lists, mostly because if I did, I know they would be in a constant state of flux. Here are a few things I look forward to when visiting Missoula. In the interest of s... more

Have Beer, Will Travel: Missoula-Based Creates Trips for Beer Lovers

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. Since 1998, Missoula-based has launched hundreds of travelers into international beer scenes, taking them Abbey-hopping and Oktoberfest-ing so they can immerse themselves in the ... more

Cherry Hoppin’: Exploring Missoula’s Cherry-Inspired Cocktails and Drinks

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. August marks the beginning of the cherry harvest in the Flathead Valley, and it could be a very good one this year they say. Sweet, plump and delicious, Flathead cherries are an annual local f... more

Montgomery Distillery Making Headway in Missoula

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. If all goes as planned, Montgomery Distillery will begin construction next month to turn the 1920s car dealership (formerly the Firestone tire building) on the corner of Pattee and Main into M... more

Missoula Restaurant Owners & Chefs:
Tim France – Worden’s Market & Deli

By BOB ZIMORINO. Chefs and Owners: Tim France of Worden's Market & Deli. I first met Tim France thirty years ago and since he tells of our first meeting better than I do, here is his version:... more

Missoula Restaurant Owners & Chefs:
Tim Leegan – The Mustard Seed

By BOB ZIMORINO. Chefs and Owners: Tim Leegan of the Mustard Seed. I remember years ago when Tim Leegan came to work for the Mustard Seed. Over the years Tim and I have become friendly but this is my first in d... more

Missoula Restaurant Owners & Chefs:
John Powers – The Ranch Club

By BOB ZIMORINO. I met John Powers in a meeting room off of the main dining room of the Ranch Club. The restaurant was built as part of the club house and as the new owners, John and his wife Colleen made their... more

Missoula Restaurant Owners & Chefs:
Mike Ramos – Paul’s Pancake Parlor

By BOB ZIMORINO. Missoula Restaurant Owners & Chefs: Mike Ramos and Paul's Pancake Parlor. Mike bought the restaurant from his Mom, Ellie and it has remained consistently one of Missoula’s top spots for foo... more

Cooking with Beer at Missoula’s Good Food Store

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. The Good Food Store offered a cooking class last week that put two of my favorite things on the same plate – meat and beer. They prepared a spread fit for a king, with each dish prominently ... more

Missoula Restaurant Owners & Chefs:
Abe Risho – The Silk Road

By BOB ZIMORINO. I met Abe Risho (The Silk Road) on a Thursday morning in his restaurant kitchen where he was dismantling a stove to replace a thermal coupler. Like so many restaurant owners, Abe understands t... more

Missoula Restaurant Owners & Chefs:
Adam Belarde – The Montana Clubs,Hoagieville & Zimorino’s

By BOB ZIMORINO “Owners and Chefs” is a restaurant section with a twist. To fill either position, chefs and owners must be able to wear many hats: Cook, server, human resource manager, repair person, neg... more

Flathead Lake Brewing Company – Missoula Perfectly Pairs Beer and Bites at Brewer’s Dinner

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. (VIDEO) Last Friday I was fortunate enough to drench my taste buds in some very fine food and beer pairings at the first ever Brewer’s Dinner at Flathead Lake Brewing Company To say that th... more

#1 Gyro is My Favorite!

By PAUL WHEATON. #1 Gyro is my new favorite! Their gyros and greek fries are excellent! And they easily have the best spanakopita. This post features a review of Missoula's #1 Gyro.... more

Maiden Missoula: Why Drive to Butte for Pasties?

By LEAH LEWIS. Maiden Missoula--a Product review of Made-In-Missoula products. Even though Missoula does St. Patty's totally right there are some things that Butte just does better. Like pasties...or do they... more

Free Dinner on Friday Nights in Corvallis!

By PAUL WHEATON. Check out the video! There is no begging for money. No preaching either. Just a dozen teenagers trying to pull their community together using nothing more than a good meal as bait.... more

The Art of the Tamale

By BOB ZIMORINO. This was the beginning of my relationship with Mexican food. Many of the things that I learned from Luisa still show up regularly in my southwestern dishes. ... more

A Man’s Guide to a Successful Valentine’s Day

By BOB ZIMORINO. When I think of Valentine’s Day, I am reminded of the disparaging term “Hallmark Holiday”. While Hallmark does a fine job of offering appropriate sentiments for those that suffer a disco... more

Taste It Video Blog – Baked Chiles Rellenos

Taste it Video Blog. Join Bob and Emily as they cook Chiles Rellenos! ... more

Hector and Luisa

By BOB ZIMORINO. Tradition has played a huge part in ethnic cuisine forever. That being said, they only last until something better comes along. Somewhere along the line, after the discovery of fire, “Grog... more

Taste It Video Blog

Taste It Video Blog. Local restaurateur Bob Zimorino and The Good Food Store’s Emily Seitz have collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind cooking experience with the Taste it Missoula video blog. They’ll not ... more

The Rocky Mountain Front

By BOB ZIMORINO. I had a life changing moment in which I realized I would not have to return home to Western New York after “sowing my wild oats” to get a real job and become a respectable American with a w... more

The Sheepman Cometh

By BOB ZIMORINO. This is how to get lost in the Targhee National Forest of Northern Idaho. Oh but you aren’t all from here, so first I’ll tell you a little bit about the Montana highway system.... more

On the Road to The Rocky Mountain Front

By BOB ZIMORINO. Leaving Montana is not as easy as one might think. Oh sure there are roads in and out of the state and regardless of popular local sentiment there are no armed guards at the border. ... more

Mouthwatering Bloody Mary at Last Run Inn

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. Fresh powder means one-and-a-half things in Missoula, hitting the slopes at Montana Snowbowl and finishing the day with a slice of wood-fired pizza and a famous mouthwatering Bloody Mary at La... more

Moving to Montana Soon…

By BOB ZIMORINO. I knew a guy that went by the name Johnny D that was going to visit his brother in Missoula. In January of 1976, I went home from work and an hour later was sound asleep in the back of Johnny D... more

A Christmas Card for Readers (Christmas Recipes Too)

By BOB ZIMORINO. I hope that it is a time of peace and joy for you and your families. Being this is most of the time a food blog, let’s eat!... more

Jackson Hole and Bru Ha Ha

By BOB ZIMORINO. On the 8th of October in 1975, two weeks and a day shy of my twenty second birthday, I left New York State with my friends Billy and John. There we were, three guys with two dogs and all of our... more

A New Brew in Town: Flathead Lake Brewing Co.

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. Two weeks ago, Flathead Lake Brewing Co. opened a new brew pub on the second floor of 424 N. Higgins Ave., which is above the (also) new restaurant, Sapore. Owners Sandy Clare and Carla Mancin... more

Taking It on the Road

By BOB ZIMORINO. I graduated from college with an Associates Degree in Food Service Administration. I moved west…to Buffalo. The job that followed was as the head cook in a summer camp for the mentally challe... more

The Beauty of Being Young and Broke

"Taste It" blog by BOB ZIMORINO. When you are a poor, young college kid with a meal ticket, eating out is truly a luxury. Other than spending a little beer money on sustenance snacks like pizza slices and cheap... more

The Thanks is in the Giving

"Taste It" Blog by BOB ZIMORINO. I am going to take a break from the story I have been telling about the evolution of food in my lifetime for a holiday special.... more

Thankful for Spirits – Montana Whiskey and Vodka

"Drink It", by RYAN NEWHOUSE. The spirits of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos may be behind us, but there are some spirits that are never far away, and for that I am especially thankful.... more