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Repurposing Hollow Core Doors Into Shelves

By LISA HENSLEY - Thanks to a recent remodeling projects, we have a stash of hollow core doors in our garage. They are ugly, but here's how I repurposed them into shelves for my office... more

DIY Underbed Dresser and Storage

By LISA HENSLEY - We've run out of space for dressers in my boys' room, so I repurposed the drawers from an old, ugly dresser and a nightstand into two underbed storage sets!... more

Shorten a Floor Lamp

By LISA HENSLEY - I have a preference for the kind of light that comes from torchiere lamps—you know, those floor lamps that point upward and throw the light so well? But I have limited floor space.... more

Missoula Gifts That Encourage Reuse

By LISA HENSLEY - Still have people left on your shopping list? Here are a few Missoula-centric ideas that will spread cheer and encourage people to Reuse IT this Christmas. ... more

How to Make Recycled Christmas Wrapping Paper & Bows

By LISA HENSLEY - I never have much wrapping paper on hand, but when Christmas rolls around, I get all wrapped up in the holiday spirit and make my own festive, recycled wrapping paper.... more

My Inexpensive, DIY Kitchen Remodel

By LISA HENSLEY - When we moved into our house, we planned to update the kitchen. In the end, we saved thousands of dollars refinishing the cabinets ourselves.... more

Reuse It, Missoula: A DIY Fabric-Covered Lampshade

By LISA HENSLEY - My niece is graduating to a room of her own, and OF COURSE I had to just butt in with decorating ideas. I made her a repurposed, DIY lampshade.... more

Winter Warmer: Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

By LISA HENSLEY - I do all the meal planning, shopping, and cooking for our family. Sometimes, trying to come up with ANOTHER meal is more than I’m up for. That’s when I get a rotisserie chicken.... more

Turn Holiday Window Decorations into Scrapbook Layouts

By LISA HENSLEY - I have to confess to a secret holiday decorating obsession: Window clings. But I hate to throw them away, so I started repurposing them on scrapbook pages.... more

How to Make Tin Can Lanterns

By LISA HENSLEY - I was having some friends over for a housewarming party last week, and wanted decorate with luminaries. I almost rushed out to buy luminary bags before I remembered that I could make tin can l... more

Killing Me Softly: The Art of Deconstruction

By LISA HENSLEY. I’m somewhat addicted to HGTV, especially the “Crashers” shows (Yard Crashers, House Crashers, etc.). It could be because I’m secretly wishing someone would offer to come to my house an... more

Repurpose Grass Clippings as Mulch

By LISA HENSLEY. By this time of year, if you bag your grass cuttings, you’re probably starting to think fondly of those winter months when there’s no mowing to do. (Actually, you’re probably thinking tha... more

Repurposed Lighting

RE-USE IT. By LISA HENSLEY. I was working my first volunteer event for Home ReSource a couple of years ago when I stumbled across this fantastic light fixture. It’s really heavy, old glass, and by the time we... more

From Baby Blanket to Big Boy Pillow

RE-USE IT. By LISA HENSLEY. My mom makes these great blankies for kids: knit on one side, flannel on the other. They just get softer and snugglier the more you wash them. They don’t, however, last forever—e... more

Building an Urbanite Retaining Wall or Path

By LISA HENSLEY. As anyone who has had to buy retaining wall stones can tell you, the cost of those projects adds up very quickly. But there’s one way to get low walls, paths and patios for nothing but sweat ... more

Reuse It . . . Vinegar and Other Household Products

By LISA HENSLEY. Although “reuse” for most people means turning something old into something new, or just using it more than once, I like to think it also applies to using things for purposes other than th... more

Reuse It . . . Custom Wrapping Paper

By LISA HENSLEY. While I am all for keeping selected samples of my son's artistic development, there’s only so much we can store. I feel bad though, just throwing these masterpieces away. My solution: turn ... more

Reuse It . . . Composting 101

By LISA HENSLEY. While it feels like Spring will never show her face around these parts, it is still a great time to get going on one of the greatest re-use projects ever: compost. Why should you compost?... more

Creating Crafty Crayons

By LISA HENSLEY. You’ve probably accumulated assorted crayons that still have some life left, but aren’t necessarily in their prime. Why throw them away? You can repurpose them into new crayons that frankl... more

Heirloom Seeds

By LISA HENSLEY. Living in the Garden City has inspired many people to try their hand at growing stuff. If you want to try growing some of your own food: Try Heirloom Seeds.... more

Crafty Desk

By LISA HENSLEY. When I was in the Marketing world, my mentor and I had a favorite phrase: "R & D, baby"­ short for "Ripoff and Duplicate!" We found something we liked and used it as a starting point for what... more