Turn Holiday Window Decorations into Scrapbook Layouts


I have to confess to a secret holiday decorating obsession: Window clings.

OK, it’s not just me. My kids are fascinated by them, too. Maybe it’s the way they look with the light shining through them. Or maybe it’s the fact that the boys each get their own sheet and can go to town because I don’t have to worry about them ruining anything. Either way, we have a pretty good selection of holiday window decorations for both Halloween and Christmas.

Problem is, they don’t last all that long. So when they start spending more time on the floors than on the windows, I know it’s time to ditch them. But, me being me, I hate to throw them away. (Except for that one that wound up under the couch with the pet hair dust bunnies. Eeew.)

So I came up with a way to repurpose them on scrapbook pages.

Window clings work especially well when you don’t have many good photos to fill a page. (Seems like I’m always skimpy with Halloween photos for some reason.) Whatever your talent or time limit for archiving holiday photos, they make the task of throwing together a couple of pages amazingly simple. A few photos, a few sheets of paper…done.

You could also use window clings to make cards or ornaments once they’ve exceeded their useful life on your windows.

An additional benefit: If you’ve done any scrapbooking, you know that page embellishments can be pretty pricey. These holiday window decorations (static clings) were less than $2 per sheet, each of which had 6-8 pieces. If you pick them up just after Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, they’re even cheaper.

If only carving jack-o-lanterns was this easy!


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Lisa Hensley is a mostly-native Montanan, living in Missoula with her husband, two young boys, two cats (boys), one tiny dog (a girl!), and four fish (probably boys). She spent more than 10 years in the marketing and creative field, but is now Director of Household Operations for the Hensley group. When she’s not herding kids or doing laundry, she’s shooting photos, gardening, baking, reading, or taking classes—sometimes all at once. She serves on the Board of Directors for Home ReSource, which fits in nicely with her tendency to repurpose pretty much anything.