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Give Us This Day

By BRIAN MARSH - Cheers to the ‘Zoo…to it’s indescribable beauty and indefinable people, it’s unbounded heart and unlimited soul.... more

For Jamie Kelly

By BRIAN MARSH - In memory of the one-year anniversary of his passing - a poem for my dear friend, Jamie Kelly.... more

‘Fatuous Twaddle’ For a Phenomenal Friend

By BRIAN MARSH - I had the privilege of co-officiating the memorial service for my good friend, Jamie Kelly. Here are my reflections on his life.... more

Disconnecting to Reconnect

By BRIAN MARSH - i'm buying an alarm clock. why? because right now, i use my smartphone to wake me up in the morning. which means that i remain interconnected to the internet even when i sleep. ... more

A Prayer for Peace

By BRIAN MARSH - 7 September 2013...for the dear people of Syria...and all who live in the midst of violent conflict.... more

The Day After the Missoula Half Marathon

By BRIAN MARSH - It's the day after my son, Trevor, and I, along with four other dear friends, joined the almost 4000 runners and walkers for the 2012 Missoula Marathon. And what a day it was.... more

The Day Before the Missoula Half Marathon

By BRIAN MARSH - This is my second Half Marathon and my last. Why, you ask? Because i'm not built to be a marathoner--but bring on the 5K and 10K!... more

Zen and the Art of Lawn Maintenance

By BRIAN MARSH - I've been mowing lawns since i was a kid--a chore passed down to me by my dad who figured that it was one of the few places in the house or yard where I could help whilst doing the least amount... more

Puddles and Muddles, Ripples and Revelations

By BRIAN MARSH - Sitting alone on a rainy Monday. Memorial Day. A day to remember all those who have given their lives in the service of their country 'fighting for peace'.... more

Enjoying the Ride

By BRIAN MARSH - My son Ian was diagnosed with autism at age 2. Today he turns 20 years old. I am so inspired by the young man he has become that if and when I ever 'grow up', I want to be like him. ... more

Maundatum – Maundy Thursday

By BRIAN MARSH - ‘Maundy Thursday’ gets its name from the middle English and old French term ‘mande’, itself a derivative from the Latin term ‘mandatum’, which means ‘commandment’.... more

The Weight

By BRIAN MARSH - What's my secret, to my weight loss you ask? P90X? Weight Watchers? Sensa? Liposuction? Nope. Simply go on what I call the 'Low Employment/High Anxiety Diet'.... more

Cold Hands Warm Heart?

By BRIAN MARSH - I'm confounded by my cold hands. I've always had warm why the sudden change? I came across an explanation that makes total sense: STRESS!... more

Reality Playing Itself with the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

By BRIAN MARSH - I was thrilled with a belated birthday gift--a five-film pass to the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. Their theme? 'Where Reality Plays Itself'.... more

Back in Black for Lent

By BRIAN MARSH - Today is the beginning of Lent, the season of facing the realities of our lives, embracing them, letting go of our sin, and seeking wisdom and strength for living our life's journeys more faith... more

The Present is the Gift

By BRIAN MARSH - More often than not, the best gifts are not objects.they are experiences.and given this reality, Christmas 2012 was the most memorable and meaningful holiday in the past 25 years of my life's j... more

Adventures on Bus 132, Volume I: ‘See Ya’

By BRIAN MARSH - I've spent most of my professional life dealing with words. In my new role as a bus driver, I suddenly found myself in a job that needs a few words a day.... more

Goin’ in THE Missoula Tunnel

By BRIAN MARSH - Missoula is a weird, wonderful, and soulful place - the word 'soul' is right in the name - and its soul is manifest in surprising and singular ways.... more

An Ode of Gratitude on Thanksgiving

By BRIAN MARSH - To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in Western Montana, I've penned an ode of gratitude.... more

A Double Rainbow Double Take

By BRIAN MARSH - A recent happenstance walk home through my neighborhood resulted in a beautiful, unexpected surprise: A double rainbow arching over Missoula.... more

Learning to Fly

By BRIAN MARSH - 'Every cloud has a silver lining.' While that's technically true, I often have a hard time buying it. I prefer, 'within every crisis, there's opportunity.'... more

Getting Into Halloween… And Getting It

By BRIAN MARSH - Tonight's the one night where we can all pretend. This Halloween, may we all feel a bit more free to be fully in character while living with character.... more

Missoula’s Cannons, Crazies, Cheers… and ‘Cures’

By BRIAN MARSH - There's always something to catch in Missoula, with endless 'Fests and community gatherings. But there's one thing you can't avoid catching: Griz Fever.... more

Adventures on THE Missoula Escalator

By BRIAN MARSH - For most of us, riding an escalator is an ordinary way to get from one level to another. But for my son Ian, it is an extraordinary means to an adventure.... more

why I WANT to go to the ‘Y’

By BRIAN MARSH - For me, exercising has historically been like taking your vitamins. It’s something you do because you HAVE to. Because it’s GOOD for you.... more

Learner’s Permit

By BRIAN MARSH - The day have I dreaded for over 15 years has finally arrived. My younger son, Trevor, has his learner's permit. You've been warned.... more

Playing with Fire

By BRIAN MARSH - For almost a month, my beloved city of Missoula has been blanketed by billows of smoke. And where there's smoke, there's fire.... more