An Ode of Gratitude on Thanksgiving


Evening comes

with open arms

to greet me

with open eyes

to sweep me

off my feet

and into the skies

to float on wings

of light and air

with sweetly

scented blossoms

of rose-petaled

planets and stars

surrounding me

encapsulating and

insulating me

comfortingly protecting

me from myself



as the sound

of a tree falling

in a forest is


when there are no ears

to hear it

so i myself

remain encapsulated



and still

the air i breathe

is grace calling me

as evening comes

with open arms

to meet me



to find me

to wrap me

in a comforter of sweet

stars to rest before

another long dying

day dying to

my self

evening comes



welcoming me to rest before

the One who finds

me in lostness

who calms

me in restlessness

who holds

me in breathlessness

who frees

me to breathe

and rest

and trust

and sweep my fears

off their feet

and into faith

and hope

and love

and newness

of life

and awareness

and gratitude

i breathe

a sigh

of relief

of belief…

thank You.

(and happy thanksgiving to you ALL…b.)

 Grateful for a beautiful sunset.


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i’m a wanderer and a wonderer. a pastor who isn’t sure he’d attend church if he wasn’t pastoring one (and currently, i’m not), living with my unique and special family (my wife, Kirsten, and sons, Ian and Trevor) in a unique and beautiful place (Missoula, Montana). restless and lazy, usually amazed, always in process, i’m continually surprised and usually delighted at discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary, the ‘sacred’ in the ‘secular’, the shafts of light that sneak into the shrouds of darkness. i drum decently, surf poorly, love multicultural food, music, and community, and living in the ‘Zoo.