Unique Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

You want to treat your dad this Father’s Day to thank him for all the good he’s done. However, if you’re running short on ideas for this year’s Father’s Day gifts, or you want to get him something totally unique, look no further: we’ve got you covered. 

Here we have rounded up ten of the best fun and quirky Father’s Day gifts your dad is bound to love. So, without further ado, let’s get into 10 excellent gift ideas for the dads in your life this year!

1. A Meat and Cheese Gift Basket

When in doubt, a delicious edible gift basket can be an excellent Father’s Day gift option. If your dad enjoys interesting cured meats and tasty cheeses, a gift basket like this Coffee-Rubbed Cheese & Salami sampler can make the perfect gift!

2. Something “Punny” for the Grillmaster

You know what they say about dads and puns! If your dad loves BBQ, grilling, and the classic movie “The Godfather,” we found the perfect gift for you. Presenting this “The Grillfather” apron! This hilarious parody is a great conversation starter and a great way to get your dad excited about pulling out his grilling gear for the summer!

3. Pun Intended

Speaking of puns… If your dad is a pun-lover and a lover of a good game, then Pun Intended is the perfect gift. This game has over 200 cards (with over 1,300 puns!) and a 1-minute timer to guess as many puns as possible. You can review the game rules here so you are ready when your dad asks you to play with him as soon as he opens his gift!

4. A Whiskey of the Month Club Subscription

If your dad loves great whiskey, then a Whiskey of the Month Club subscription is the best gift you can give. Not only will this mean your dad gets to look forward to a delicious, curated bottle of whiskey each month, but it may also help him find a new favorite as well!

5. Cocktail Kit

Maybe your dad is a fan of getting drinks out with friends, but he’s been wanting to branch out and make some fun drinks of his own at home. Luckily, with a cocktail kit subscription like one from the American Cocktail Club, he can easily get everything he needs to make delicious and sophisticated drinks at home!

6. Maple Syrup Sampler

We all love a good breakfast — especially when that breakfast is homemade French toast or pancakes! So if your dad loves delicious breakfasts, why not up the game with a unique maple syrup sampler? This one features infused, pure, and barrel-aged maple syrups for a unique spin on the classic pancake topper.

7. Burrito Blanket

Sometimes the best gift inspires relaxation, coziness, and a nice nap. But, let’s be honest, a standard blanket would be too dull for a Father’s Day gift. So, why not spice it up with the Original Burrito Blanket instead? 

Want to take it the extra mile? Add in a hot sauce packet pillow for an additional laugh.  

8. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

For spice fans, this customizable hot sauce kit is a must-have Father’s Day gift idea. Your dad can create the perfect hot sauce for any meal using this kit! Maybe pair this kit with a tasty snack food that he can dress up with his newly-made sauce. 

9. CBD for a Fun Twist on Your Father’s Hobbies

If your dad is a fan of video games, he may be excited to learn about how CBD for gaming can help improve cognitive function and reduce anxiety and stress during games. To learn more about CBD’s benefits for gaming, check out this article

10. Some Extra Dad Jokes

You can’t go wrong with dad jokes on Father’s Day — after all, the day is all about dads! So, if you want to add some new jokes to your dad’s repertoire, check out this Dad Jokes Daily Calendar so he can have a new joke year-round.


We hope that this list helps you find that perfect gift for your dad this year. Whether you decide on a funny gift (our favorite is the Burrito Blanket) or a gift to help your dad better enjoy his hobbies, like CBD, we know your dad will love it!