Everything You Need to Know About CBDA

Cannabidiolic acid is a compound found in the cannabis plant and is not psychoactive. When CBDA is heated or decarboxylated, it forms CBD. CBDA has incredible health benefits for the human body, it is an anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medicine. CBDA could also be used to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. You may consider checking in with your doctor before using the products because they are recommended for health purposes.

How CBDA Works

The cannabis acidic compound undergoes some chemical changes when the cannabis is decarbed or heated, and therefore it seizes from existing in its raw nature. CBDA is the original cannabinoid from hemp oil seeds and the main phytocannabinoids in fiber. CBDA is no longer acidic when this transition happens; whereas CBD is formed when carbon dioxide is released. There is high therapeutic potential in health-related issues that result from this process. CBDA works well in combination with other terpenes and cannabinoids. The synergy of action is referred to as the entourage effect. CBDA works to its full potential when it is in this entourage effect or the chemical teamwork. If you have tetrahydrocannabinol sensitivity effect you may use the full or broad spectrum of the products to experience this entourage effect.



CBDA is characterized by anti-inflammatory benefits; it may be able to relieve inflammation because it is characterized by cyclooxygenase enzymes and Cox-2 inhibitors, which have different responsibilities in both. Cox-1 helps maintain the intestinal lining and the stomach, while Cox-2 causes inflammation. Non-steroidal drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen work and inhibit the effects of these enzymes. However, the gastrointestinal tract is damaged as a result of the long-term usage of these drugs. Inhibitors that do not have side effects have been created, and CBDA is one of them; it works in the same manner as NSAIDs, but it does not damage the gut.


CBDA works by helping to suppress the growth of some specific types of breast cancer cells. Cox-2 concentration in breast cancer is higher than average. CBDA helps in reducing the inhibition of Cox-2, and by reducing the effectiveness of the Id-1 protein, which works by inducing the growth and survival of cancer cells. Additionally, CBDA increases the expression that suppresses metastasis of breast cancer. CBDA has shown excellent promise in aiding harmful cell suppression in the body. 


CBDA is a powerful medicine against vomiting and nausea caused by motion and toxin-induced nausea and vomiting. CBDA is incredibly effective at the reduction of anticipatory nausea. This type of wave of nausea may occur just before getting chemotherapy treatment. This form of nausea has no pharmaceutical medicine, but CBDA helps alleviate these effects. An antiemetic effect found in ondansetron is also found in CBDA and helps improve the effectiveness of the anti-nausea drug when used in shallow doses. A 1000 times less dosage of CBDA has the same effect as CBD.


CBDA has better results in terms of bioavailability, and it is fast acting compared to its parent compounds. Lower CBDA doses must be admitted for better effectiveness and CBDA effects reduction in trying to control triggers of these seizures. CBDA reduces epileptic seizures better than CBD does. Cannabis-derived products have been approved by the food and drug administration for admission as drug-resistant epilepsy.

How to Use CBDA

The market demand for cannabis-derived products is growing and people can find various products rich in CBDA, including CBD. CBDA cannot be smoked in its raw form because when it’s heated, it undergoes chemical changes and is later converted to CBD; therefore, raw cannabis leaves and flowers may be used as a culinary ingredient. An excellent way to consume CBDA-rich products is by adding raw leaves to a salad and eating them, making natural cannabis juice, or adding them to a smoothie; this is a way to consume CBDA without getting the high effect. Raw CBDA flower buds may also be used in tea. You may steep them and add them to a cup of tea. The heat in the tea does not decarb CBDA. Instead, the CBDA will be infused into your drink. Therefore, drinking CBDA may be one of the many ways to use CBDA. CBDA raw effect may also be induced using tinctures. You typically add a droplet to the drinks and foods or under the tongue. The tinctures contain CBDA-derived oil products that help in alleviating inflammation, anxiety, and pain. This oil included does not have the high effect that causes psychoactive effects in humans therefore it is healthy to use it.   

CBDA shows excellent potential in various treatment conditions such as nausea and vomiting, seizures, inflammation, cancer, etc. CBDA is more effective and safe than traditional medication and its cannabinoid parent extracts. CBDA is only required in small doses for it to produce maximum benefits. More research, however, is underway to dig more into CBDA-derived products and how to make them more and more advanced.