Outdoor Games you want to try out Next Summer

The wintertime is arguably the most inactive time for all living things. For the most part, cutting down your outdoor hours is the right thing to do health-wise, but over three months, it usually becomes unbearable for most of us – we just want spring to bring the warmth back in.

Contrastingly, summer seems to be the busiest time in people’s lives. Many people take their vacation during this period – perhaps to cool off as it’s also the hottest time of the year. While some people living alone often find it a great opportunity to catch up with amazing offers on platforms like promoguy.us, others would usually see it as an amazing time to bond with their family.

10 Outdoor Games you should try Next Summer

Outdoor games are a great way to cope with the summer heat. While that does not say the air conditioner isn’t strong enough to keep you chilled indoors, it’s just better to spend most of your time outside and getting the sun under your skin. Here are some outdoor games you can use to bond with your family during the summer.

1. Ring Toss

This is one of the games you want to play especially if you have a large lawn. Even if you don’t, you could play in parks that allow it. All you need is your ring and the other person to stand at a distance, waiting for the catch. The cool part of this game is that it’s playable by all ages – both throwers only need to have enough throwing power that they set for themselves.

2. Giant Beer Pong

This game is a lot like traditional beer pong; the only difference is that you’re doing it with trashcans or buckets instead of cups. Just get some rubber balls or volleyballs to replace the ping-pong balls, and you’re good to go. Just like the Ring Toss, it can be played by all ages, but remember not to add drinks to the game if you’re playing with a minor.

3. Washer Yard Game

Washer Yard is one of the best DIY games for adults. What’s even amazing is that you can be very good at it especially if you participate in DIY games like Ring Toss.

4. 500

If you’ve got a swimming pool at your home, then 500 will probably be a game you would love to play in the summer. What’s even better is that it can played with multiple people – the perfect experience for group gatherings.

5. Balloon Snatch

In any list of summer games, Balloon Snatch is a common option you shouldn’t be surprised to find. It’s a lot like 500, but you’re using balloons this time. While there are a bunch of fun outdoor games that can you can enjoy, not all of them can be played by a large number of people of all ages – good thing Balloon Snatch makes the cut.

6. Bean Bag Ladder Toss

While the explanations for setting up and playing aren’t explained in this article, it’s a game that’s quite popular, thus, it won’t be a hassle for you, so search for the guidelines.

7. Snake Pit

This one is relatively new and may be common among Gen Z folks, as it’s a game that went viral on TikTok. It’s got a simple setup, with simple playing rules as well. First, you overlap a bunch of pool noodles in a large space. Next, the players are going to stand around the pool noodles, all arranged in a circular shape, and hold their hands. Then one person gives the signals from which players will try to pull each other into the pool noodle. The first player touches the pool noodle is out, then the game is restarted till there’s a winner.

8. Bocce Ball

This is one of those outdoor games that you can play all day without knowing how fast time will fly by. It’s very common among families as it’s playable among people of different ages. It’s pretty popular so don’t be surprised even if you see your neighbors playing it next summer.

9. Watch Your Step

Again, another family game that’s playable among people of different ages. It involves the players tying a balloon to their ankles, then running around the yard trying to pop each other’s balloon – whoever has their balloon on the longest wins.

10. Frozen T-Shirt Game

For the most part, this appears to be more of a challenge than a game – whenever you choose to call it, provided the participants are having fun. It involves soaking your t-shirts in water, then sticking them in the freezer for 24 hours. Whoever that’s able to defrost and put their shirt on the next day wins.