Convenient Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

As the winter and spring seasons transition away, that means the summer is soon to arrive. And with all the fun summer has to bring with BBQs, longer days, more sunshine, drinks on the patio, the heat of summer can be sometimes too much to bear. Sometimes, you need to find ways to cool down, like for instance having a new ac installation for your home, because the last thing you want is some serious dehydration and heat stroke. If you have an ac unit at home, have it serviced by an ac repair technician to avoid ac breakdowns during the hot summer months.

Here are a few easy ways you can beat the summer heat.

Frozen Drinks

Your local convenience store or corner store should be well equipped to help you out on a particularly warm days. Not only do they stock a huge variety of cold and chilled drinks, it’s also  a great place to go if you ever get a craving for frozen drinks. There’s just something about a nice cold or slurpee to quench your thirst on those sweat inducing days. For a couple bucks, pop into your local store, maybe even grab some snacks, but you know you’re walking out with the largest cup you can fill your slush with. The great thing about it is if you can’t decide on one drink flavor, you can always mix and match, watching the colors blend into each other. It’s almost magical the amount of nostalgia these frozen drinks produce.

Ice Cream

Of course you can pop into your local grocery store and grab a tub or box of your favorite ice cream or popsicles. The thing is, when you’re out in the summer sun, you don’t exactly want to have these things in bulk, unless you were hoping more for some unfrozen drinks and milkshakes. If you’re out at the park, at a festival, the beach, or wherever you might be, nothing beats following the sound of a good old fashioned ice cream truck as he gets you that classic swirl ice cream cone. It’s a simple moment of joy that will keep you and your taste buds coming back to that ice cream melody.

Hit the Waters

When the weather is too hot to muster and you just can’t be bothered with wearing clothes anymore, just take them off(not all of them). Put on your trunks and bikinis and head down to the water, where you can spend some time relaxing under the warmth of the sun.  And if it gets too hot, take a quick dip to refresh yourself. Make it an entire day with some food and drinks with some family and friends. And if your beach is too crowded or maybe too far to get to, check out some local pools. There may be a lot of people with the same ideas as you so whichever option you go with, make sure to get there early to get your spot.


When it’s too hot outside and you don’t feel like sweating up a storm in the sun, duck into your local theatre for a few hours and enjoy the newest movies. It’s a great place to catch the newest action blockbuster where you can sit in a cozy theater that will have regulated temperatures and air conditioning. For extra cooling, see if the concessions have ice cream or cool drink options.  There’s no better way to beat the heat than completely avoiding it.


Maybe you don’t have the money to watch movies as frequently or aren’t feeling like sitting and watching for a few hours. No problem. Head to the nearest mall and you’ll find lots to do even if you aren’t hoping to spend much money. You can window shop, but this may entice you to spend even though you were avoiding it. But hey, maybe you’ll remember something you needed anyway. Or just shoot the breeze with some friends as you walk through what is essentially a labyrinth of stores. Have some snacks or drinks. Head into a bookstore and kill some time. Check out the new tech and give them a test drive. Look at some cars and even book a test drive. There’s more than enough things to do in a mall if you just need to escape the sun for a few hours while getting out of the house.  

These options should help you throughout the summer days and hopefully beat the heat on those particularly hot days. If nothing else, having a nice quiet stay inside, under the shelter of shade is always an option to consider. You might just need to have that fan or air conditioning unit running to make sure you keep your cool.