5 Places for a Student Trip in the US

What noble (and sometimes notorious) country pops up in your mind as you hear the word “freedom” or think of uncompromised fun? Yes, it’s the United States. Known for its rich entertainment culture and the remarkably liberal lifestyle, the star-spangled country is the number one choice for avid wanderers eager to explore its famed and widely promoted spots. And those especially fond of US traveling are students, both native and from abroad, coveting a breakaway from their college mundanity!

Exhausted by their ongoing academic tedium and long searches for help on services like anonymous-essay.com, college kids will view the USA as their top destination for taking a break. This prosperous country boasts a shedload of noteworthy places for college kids to explore, and this is what we’ll introduce you to in our US-friendly tourist guide!

1. Disneyland, California

Yes, we do realize that including the universal symbol of childhood and innocence on our list may seem out of place. However, based on the evidence of how many adolescents enter this idyllic universe of dreams, as well as how amazed teens get as they lose themselves in the perpetual magic of the world of Disney, we can state that this legendary US landmark is deservedly mentioned here.

What’s so special about Disneyland? It acts as a time machine that takes you back to your childhood, with all of the cartoon characters you liked as a kid waiting for you in one place. Being the actual embodiment of your sweet childhood amusement, Disneyland will make you an invincible superhero once again, tantalizing your grown-up mind. After visiting Disneyland, explore Laguna Beach next and relax at Laguna Beach hotels.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

Notorious for its riveting and “wicked” entertainment, Sin City is the top option for students who flock there to witness genuine gambling culture and get lost in the abode of “shameful” fun. As the cradle of the gambling industry, Vegas is completely associated with its world-famous casinos, where gamers try their fortune and plunge into the whirlwind of risks and luxury. One of the city’s prominent landmarks is the Strip, a stretch where most of its gambling entities are located and the place where millions of Vegas’s visitors gather annually.

Notwithstanding the fact that students lack the financial means for experiencing gambling adventures in the city, they still pay a visit to Las Vegas, either only sightseeing the famed gaming empire, or to wager at its iconic casinos with their carefully saved cash!

3. New York City, New York

There’s no need for rhapsodizing over the grandeur of this renowned megalopolis – when the name of this prominent city comes up, everyone already connects it to something extraordinary and outstanding, even though many of them have never been to New York. And there’s indeed a good reason why this city is so widely lauded by people from across the world, both visitors and those who are only planning to make their Big Apple trip.

Having gained prominence for its dazzling nightlife, splendid skyscraper architecture, and lavish partying culture, New York has become the world’s hub for fun and hectic life, and, most importantly, the biggest dream of lively college kids!

4. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Probably the greatest highlight of Arizona and one of the greatest tourist spots of the United States at large, the Grand Canyon draws thousands of adventurous tourists to revel in the beauty of this legendary geographic miracle. Brilliantly popularized in mass media, particularly in film products, this epic place now welcomes tons of curious students seeking a memorable and mind-blowing experience!

Among the activities one can try in the Grand Canyon, there are rafting, running, hiking, and helicopter tours  – a wide range of options enough to discover the place to the fullest. Have a better trip when you stay with Flagstaff hotel. Despite being somewhat dangerous, exploring the Grand Canyon is a wonderful way to take a break from your university routine.

5. Los Angeles, California

As the mecca of the world’s cinematography and a marvelous city to spend a vacation in, the City of Angels is a dream destination for most people who are obsessed with the United States and its high-profile image. Widely recognized for its “celebrified” lifestyle and glorious center of movie production, Hollywood, Los Angeles offers its visitors an unforgettable experience. They can excitedly explore the place considered as the worldwide center for big-budget cinematography, which has nurtured the biggest talents of moviemaking.

Whether it’s a scandalous and controversial front-page event or a viral, inspiring trend that LA set in motion, it only adds to the striking reputation of the celebrated kingdom of the silver screen.

Party Like a USA Star!