Which Karambit Knife Skins Can be Considered a Safe Investment?

Karambit knives have a long reputation for being some of the best and most practical knives out there. Many players dream of having some kind of skin for this knife, while karambit skins are popular among traders they are also considered a good investment. 

Therefore, a CS:GO fan always wants to have an idea about which skin is better, how much it costs, how it looks and what differentiates it from other skins.

Karambit | Case Hardened

Case Hardened has a below average price and is similar to the cheap skins of the Karambit knife. On this skin, the knife’s metal surface, blade and rings behind the handle were all lowered into hot charcoal, after which these patterns were obtained on the surface of the knife. The handle of the knife remained intact in its native black color.

Now, a little about the difference in qualities. Since not a single gram of paint was applied to this skin, no scuffs or scratches can be found on it. The only difference between the Battle-Scarred and the Factory New exteriors is the darkening of the knife’s metal surface. Otherwise, with each worsening quality, the skin does not change much, which may positively affect your decision to buy a cheaper version of this knife.

The price ranges from $474 (BS) to $2,180 (WW).

Karambit | Bright Water

The Bright Water skin has an above average price and is amongst the more expensive skins for this knife. The surface of the blade and the ring behind the hilt have been camouflaged using various shades of blue. Some parts of the hilt have been painted blue, and some have translucent black and blue. Now, a little about the quality differences.

In Field-Tested, there are small abrasions on the bulging surfaces of the knife, which are not very noticable, especially if you haven’t seen the Factory New exterior.

The cost ranges from $427 (FT) to $650 (FN).

Karambit | Gamma Doppler



The Gamma Doppler skin is one of the most elusive and rare skins. Its blade surface and ring have been painted in marbled dark and light green colors. The handle of the skin is intact. There isn’t much difference between the two exterior qualities available: Factory New and Minimal Wear.

The price is $866–1,100 (FN).

Karambit | Marble Fade

The Marble Fade skin has one of the highest prices among Karambit knife skins. On this skin, a gradient from red transitioning into blue and then black has been applied to the blade surface. The surface of the knife ring has been painted with yellow, red and blue gradient paint, which have then been marbled. All the paint is metal and the handle is unpainted.

This skin has only two quality types (Factory New and Minimal Wear). The difference in appearance and price between these two qualities is small.

The skin is priced at $1,111–1,169 (FN).