Best St Patrick’s Day Gifts and T-Shirts

There’s a lot of focus on going green these days. St. Pa

Whichever way you choose to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, make sure you do it surrounded by loved ones, green things, and most likely alcohol!

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day: Top Gifts 

Since most of us have a lot of special events to buy gifts for during the year, it’s perfectly fine to budget for events like St Patrick’s Day – if that’s what you want. This is the perfect event to choose light, quirky, and cheap gifts, designed to raise a laugh rather than to be a lifelong memory. Here are a few great gifts to consider buying for your loved ones on St Patrick’s Day.

  • T-Shirts 

Stylish t-shirts similar to the ones at LNO Greek paraphernalia Delta Sigma Theta are one of the most popular gifts of any time of year for a reason. A t-shirt won’t break the bank, but they’re practical, cute, and timeless. Everyone wears t-shirts, so you’re almost guaranteed that your gift will be used, and there is a huge variety online. St Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to buy a cute and funny t-shirt as a gift. A prime example is the fit shaced t-shirt – not exactly classy, but sure to get a laugh. 

  • Funny Gifts

Mugs, t-shirts, comedy gifts, and more are all ideal for St Patrick’s Day. Simply searching “St Patrick’s Day gifts” into a search engine brings up hundreds of thousands of results, and most of them are great for someone on a budget. You can go for personalizations if you prefer, or you can simply let your gift do the talking. 

A classic is “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” emblazoned on a mug, t-shirt, or virtually any item you like. 

  • Alcohol 

Would it really be St Patrick’s Day without alcohol? Buying traditional booze for St Patrick’s Day (Guinness, Irish Coffee, and Bailey’s, just to name a few) is a great way to get the party started. Alcohol doesn’t have to be expensive, and once again, it’s a gift guaranteed to be used. 

  • Plants and Hampers

Food and drink hampers along with plants as gifts are a growing trend this St Patrick’s Day. Plants are the new pets, after all – and they are green! These are gifts better suited to someone you’re close to – buying a workmate a huge food hamper might not be the best idea. Then again, do whatever you feel is best – celebrate St Patrick’s Day your way! 

How to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day 

Everyone celebrates St Patrick’s Day differently, and that’s just fine. However, one of the best and happiest ways to welcome in the most Irish day of the year is to celebrate with friends (definitely), family (maybe), and certainly with a pint of Guinness or your green cocktail of choice. Gifts are a lovely idea – but not a prerequisite for a great St Patrick’s Day.