How to Turn Backyard Recycling into a Profitable Business

Nowadays, having only one income stream can be a challenging proposition. There are several endeavors that a person can engage in to produce an additional fund source that they can use for other purposes. They can use the disposable income to fund household projects, establish a business or pursue a hobby.

Recycling is one such endeavor that one can turn into a profitable business. It is labor-intensive, but it is highly rewarding if one can partner with a reputable industrial recycling company to pick up the collected scrap materials. Such an endeavor is also advantageous to the neighborhood because it will lessen the trash going to the dumpsite. It can also result in households turning a profit from their recyclables.

If you seek to establish a backyard recycling business, you can consider partnering with a reputable industry player. You would receive the best possible prices for the scrap material you will dispose of to ensure that you also profit from the transaction. If you can focus on copper recycling, aluminum recycling or metal recycling, it will be better because it is an excellent material to scrap. Aluminum and metal are also easily obtainable as several household and grocery items contain them.

Here are other recyclable materials you can collect to make a considerable profit.

Empty bottles and cans

No one wants to see empty bottles and cans strewn about because they’re an eyesore. Consider turning them into profit by collecting them yourself or paying others to collect them. Most locales have an existing program where they will pay people to turn in empty bottles for a fixed deposit. Recycling centers will also receive empty cans for scrapping for a profit.

Old books and used papers

If you cannot dispose of old books in an antique or novelty store, you can scour social media or other internet sites to sell them. In addition, several collectors might obtain old books from you depending on the content, rarity, and price. These materials you want to dispose of would find a new home.

Consider selling used paper to recycling centers so the households wouldn’t have a problem disposing them in landfills. These centers will process them and provide them to the industries that demand such supply.

Scrap metals 

Scrap metals are among the most profitable materials that one can recycle. Consequently, these materials are among the most sought-after in the recycling industry. However, if you want to profit more, you need to distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous scraps. While ferrous materials will give you a good profit, non-ferrous materials are more profitable as more industries are on the lookout for them.

Consider collecting aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and bronze from household and grocery items. Ensure that they’re clean because some recycling centers will not accept scraps with discernible dirt and grime.


If you have defective electronic items lying around the house, you can sell them online or dispose of them in the recycling centers for maximum profit.


Recycling scrap materials can be a profitable venture. However, you must consider a few factors to ensure that the endeavor becomes sustainably successful.