How to Get People to Actually Buy Your Fundraiser Tickets

Your events are among the highlights of your fundraising campaigns. You and your team have been working on these events for months, looking for the appropriate location, and deciding what to do with the revenues. Your events improve each year as a result of your effort.

However, no matter how well-planned your events are, they will only be a success if people show up. Year each year, just as you enhance the other aspects of your events, you must reassess your attendance approach.

When it comes to arranging a fundraising event, ticket sales may make or break your event. 

Here Are Some Strategies for Selling More Event Tickets and Raising More Revenue 

1. Early discounts

Offering a significant markdown for early ticket sale is an effective method for supporting occasion participation. When an individual has bought a ticket, they’ve earnestly committed to going to your occasion, so the limited cost is definitely justified on the off chance that it knocks up your general participation. 

Also, the bigger your group, the almost certain you’ll find new benefactors for your goal and raise more assets with your quiet closeout.

2. Members only

Offering pre-sale fundraising event tickets to your members helps get the event income rolling. For a short period before tickets go on sale to the general public, you may give your members a special discount off the standard price. 

Alternatively, you may offer those members-only tickets at the standard price while including some unique event advantages such as premium seating, complimentary beverages, early entrance, and so on.

3. VIP privileges

Organizing an exclusive pre-event VIP reception is another excellent method to increase attendance and provide extra fundraising possibilities. It’s a fantastic opportunity to wow wealthy potential contributors with an intimate gathering of like-minded people.

It’s also a good method to meet and greet key supporters without being distracted by a crowd of people all attempting to finish their event registration at the same time. Use it as a display to promote the noble work your organization is doing and to provide contributors with personal feedback on how their gifts impacted people’s lives.

4. Group discounts

Whether it’s a unique offer for a premium table at a sit-down charity event or a sweet bargain for members of a renowned group, offering group discounts can help you sell a lot of tickets. It’s crucial to remember that increasing attendance will raise more money than increasing ticket sales. 

The purpose of ticket income is to cover event overhead and generate advance monies to meet upfront event expenditures. However, the genuine fundraising activities during your event are where you will raise the most money.

5. Sell tickets online

Obviously, conventional ticket sales are still possible, but selling tickets online allows you to reach a considerably larger audience. Furthermore, ordering event tickets online is far more convenient for your fans than ordering by phone, mail, or going in person. You also save a lot of money and many volunteer hours by selling tickets online.

6. Give away raffles

Hold some special raffles with amazing prizes and bundle raffle tickets with entry tickets to your event. It’s the inverse of the traditional practice of putting a door prize drawing with the entry ticket, which is wonderful for increasing ticket sales. 

A high-ticket raffle is a terrific fundraiser in and of itself, and you can make the raffle winner selection a key feature of your event. Raffle tickets for a motorbike or automobile must be sold in advance, but these types of raffles are profitable and popular.

7. Buy one get one deals

Consider giving a buy one, get one free promotion as a last-minute method to boost ticket sales for your event. Last minute doesn’t mean last day of the event. It would be an excellent incentive to provide in the final three days before the event. 

It motivates the uncertain fence-sitters, who usually wait until the last minute anyhow. Furthermore, it provides singles with a simple method to turn your event into a casual dating chance or a low-cost way to have a great night out with a buddy.

8. Traditional Media Hype

Newspaper, radio, and television coverage can reach a large number of potential new supporters, so don’t ignore conventional media. Make a press release including images and, if possible, a video clip. 

Take the effort to identify the appropriate contacts at the various media sources in your city or town, since a personally addressed message is far more likely to be read and acted upon. 

Furthermore, don’t be scared to call your media contacts. After all, spreading the word is their job. Just make sure you provide them a noteworthy publicity aspect. 

Unless you gather a large number of local celebrities and socially influential people, your event will not be noteworthy. What is noteworthy is your work to make the world a better place. Give convincing instances of how you’ve worked to improve people’s lives.

9. Social Media Hype

Promote your event on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get the word out and generate some early hype about your event. Make sure to include links to ticket sales in all of your internet correspondence! Social media is all about growing your reach beyond your initial fan base, so encourage your followers to repeat your tweets and like your posts.

This is significant because Facebook will not publish your post in all of your followers’ newsfeeds unless your regular postings receive a large number of likes. And, because not everyone checks Twitter on a daily basis, send out fresh messages at various times of the day. Don’t forget about Pinterest, which is wonderful for spreading the word. 

Create an event flyer for internet distribution and share interesting images from prior events. You may also hold ticket competitions and exciting promos on social media to increase ticket sales.

10. Go for collaborations

Collaborate with other non-profit organizations and events in your region to promote each other’s activities. You may give them reduced tickets and vice versa. You can perform collaborative promotional operations and provide ticket bundles in which the selling group receives a commission for selling the tickets of the other organization. At your own event, you may also offer reduced tickets to future events.

These ideas and approaches will aid in the sale of tickets for live, hybrid, or online fundraising events. The idea is to explore and find approaches that work for your specific audience!