Most Lucrative Online Industries for Remote Workers in Missoula

Despite many hardships over recent years, a shifting attitude towards hybrid working has enabled many workers to switch to remote working, enabling them to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind. Seeking the beauty of the outdoors and quieter life, it was only natural that Missoula would attract remote workers in their droves. In fact, according to the World Population Review, the population here has grown by around 960 people in the last year. This has come from a mixture of births and the influx of workers.

Yet it is not only remote workers who can benefit: if you already live in the county, you may be considering the switch to a remote career. You could finally become your own boss, living on your terms and schedule. If you are looking to change your profession or are just starting out in your career, it helps to know where the most employment opportunities lie.

Human Resources

First on the list is human resources, a department that is essential to the success of any major business. An HR representative needs to use a blend of practical and people skills, and also needs to effectively handle tasks such as organizing recruitment and payroll work, alongside understanding human issues like conflict management, sensitive health problems, etc.

A lot of HR tasks are now automated, but this does not mean that jobs within this department are diminishing. On the contrary, the software required to run HR has resulted in the creation of more career opportunities, as evidenced by a survey conducted by ReportLinker, which indicates the industry market size will reach USD 43.29 billion by 2028. This is indicative of an impressive 12% growth each year.

Many organizations are also starting to outsource the process, which saves them both time and money. If you wanted to start your own digital HR business, there has never been a better time.


Second on the list of sectors that accommodate remote workers is the iGaming industry, which focuses on mobile and browser-based gaming. A lot of its revenue comes from gambling and casino activities, due to the fact that online gambling, in particular, has grown exponentially in the last decade.

Another interesting thing to note is that, as mobile technology has increased, so too has the quality of the games available. For example, technological advancements have enabled players to enjoy more immersive and engaging forms of gaming like live gaming or Twitch streaming. It’s perhaps no surprise that, according to Forbes, the iGaming industry is reaching revenues of approximately $64.13 billion per year, with predictions saying that this will rise to $112.09 billion by 2025.

The job opportunities on offer in this sector cover a lot of skill sets. Programmers are required to keep games running, writers create text and content, and even live croupiers stream games in some casinos. A look at the online gambling review site Casino Smash shows how much competition and revenue is streaming into the industry, so much that whole websites have popped up to review the different game types, bonuses and services on offer.

Software Development

Software development is an essential job and a whole host of other industries would cease to function without it. From the robots that pick your products in Amazon warehouses to the fitness tracker on your mobile device, someone has had to develop the software that makes it work.
The job requires a lot of patience and great problem-solving abilities. As you work with coding to design and build applications, you may find days of work result in a faulty application because of one misplaced character. Luckily, the job is not a high-stress one and you often get to work at your own pace, particularly if you are freelance. You can do the job wherever you have a laptop and internet connection, leaving you free to work on a tropical beach or enjoy the beauty of Missoula from your porch.
These are just a snippet of the jobs on offer for remote workers. From writers to marketing experts, most professions can be adapted to a remote environment. Take a look at your skills and experience then plan your next remote move.