Family Bonding: 7 Tips for an Awesome Bingo Night

Playing bingo with your family is a great way for everyone to bond and have fun. But you’ll need to carefully plan your bingo night if you want it to be a rip-roaring success.

Get started by checking out the following seven great tips.

1. Make Sure You Have All the Right Equipment

Before the fun can begin, you need to take care of practicalities. Top of the list is ensuring you have all the items required for a night of bingo.

You’ll need a cage and numbered balls, bingo cards, and marker pens.

You could make your own cards and write numbers onto table tennis balls, or you could purchase the items to give your night an air of professionality.

2. Ensure That Everyone Knows How to Play the Game

While bingo is simple to learn, in that you basically mark off numbers on your card as they are selected from the cage and called out until someone marks off all of their numbers, it’s a good idea to ensure that everyone who is attending your bingo night knows how to play the game.

All of the family members can get some practice in by learning how to play bingo online as a beginner.

And you might like to play some online bingo games yourself to get inspired with ideas for your family event.

3. Determine What the Prizes Will Be

When playing a fun game of bingo with your family, you probably won’t want to play for money. Instead, come up with some interesting prize ideas.

You could offer an assortment of prizes, as you would with a raffle, or you could choose a theme for your prizes, like chocolates or trophies.

4. Consider the Food and Drink

Your family is sure to bond while playing the game. But they’ll bond even better when you provide tasty dips and delicious drinks.

While the catering you provide doesn’t have to be over the top, you can make your bingo night more fun and exciting if you provide something like gourmet canapes and cocktails.

Consider what your family likes to eat and drink so that you can get the snacks and beverages just right.

5. Hire a Bingo Caller

You may wish to be the person who calls out the numbers yourself, but if you want to actually participate in the game and you want to make your night one to remember, consider hiring a professional bingo caller.

Having someone with great presentation skills to select the balls and call out the numbers will not only ensure your night goes with a bang. It will also allow you to spend more quality time with your family.

6. Set a Dress Code

Another way of making your bingo night fancier and more memorable is to set a dress code.

You could go all-out and ask your family members to arrive dressed in black-tie and cocktail dresses. Alternatively, you could get everyone to wear fancy dress or themed clothing.

7. Don’t Forget the Music

You’ll want to have a good sound system to play music throughout the night. You’ll also want to select a playlist beforehand.

While the bingo is taking place, you’ll want quiet and ambient background music so that everyone can easily hear the numbers being called and focus on the game. But as the night progresses, you’ll want to be ready with some more party-like music.

It’s also a good idea to have upbeat music playing as people arrive to help everyone get in the mood.