6 Ways To Find The Best Freight Rates

Moving large shipments around can be a pain. Another problem is that it’s not always easy to find the best rates for freight, either. Whether you need to move an entire warehouse of products or just a single large item, there’s still plenty of research to find the right Industrial Equipment Delivery company and get a fair price for the service they can render.

If you ever thought you’ll always have issues getting your products on the road, you need a better option for your logistics. To offer further help, here are six effective means to find the best freight rates possible:

1. Compare Carriers

You can compare carriers by looking at the different rates, services, and reputations. You should first identify one or two prospects where you would like to acquire shipping services. Then you can use their websites to see what options are available for your type of freight and the volume you’ll be shipping.

When comparing rates, make sure you choose from various shipping methods. For example, some carriers offer less expensive pallet options, while others offer more affordable flatbeds for large shipments. The best way to find out about these options is through an experienced broker or a reputed cargo van load board company, who has access to freight carriers and can help create a customized plan that meets your needs and budget.

2. Try Shipping Consolidation

Shipping consolidation is a process where you pay the shipping rate for multiple orders in one big shipment. Even if you have a large order, your order will only be charged like a single small order. It works because many companies offer bulk discounts to their customers, so they will charge less per pound/kilogram than they would typically charge.

If you’re interested in shipping consolidation, ask your vendor if they offer this service and how much it costs. Note that the answer should be less than what you were paying before. If they don’t offer consolidation, you can contact another company to see if they provide it for your needs.

Many companies are improving their business offerings, which means you can still find a logistics company specializing in the kind of service you need. This way, you spend less, and everyone gets a fair price for their roles.

3. Stay Loyal

The more you use one company, the cheaper it will be for them to ship with you. The same goes for companies that offer loyalty programs. They’ll offer perks like discounted freight rates or even free shipping if you’ve been a customer for a long time or have spent enough money with them.

To find out if your company has a loyalty program and how to take advantage of it, ask how you’ll sign up and how much it’ll save you. When speaking with customer service representatives, make sure that they know what kinds of savings this particular option offers so that they can help you navigate through all the details quickly.

4. Negotiate The Contract

Negotiating the contract is one of the best ways to get the best freight rates. It is also an excellent way to gain valuable business intelligence from carriers and learn about their capabilities, capacity, and limitations.

If you are a repeat customer or have been in business with them for a long time, you should negotiate better freight rates. Some carriers may offer preferential treatment to companies that have been doing business with them for years or even decades. You can use it to your advantage and get a reasonable freight rate.

5. Avoid Common Mistakes

Avoiding common mistakes will help you to save money and time. One of the common mistakes is using the wrong carrier. A small business owner may want more flexibility and lower rates on specific routes or types of shipments. If this sounds like what you need, consider finding a broker specializing in less traditional options.

You should also ensure you aren’t using the wrong vehicle size or weight limit. The truck or trailer must be appropriate for what you plan on hauling before picking up the load; otherwise, there could be damage or delivery issues.

6. Buy Less Freight Insurance

If you’re shipping a product with a high value, it’s important to discuss how much insurance your carrier will cover. The coverage will depend on the product type and its value. For example, if you’re shipping electronics or jewelry, you may need more than USD$500 in insurance coverage for each shipment.

If you’re shipping something less valuable like plastics or grains, you may not need to pay heavy fees. You can talk to your carrier about their recommendations. They should be able to give you specific information about how much coverage is needed based on their experience with similar shipments in the past.

You can also save money by buying less freight insurance upfront and paying for more protection after an incident. Most trucking companies offer extended liability options that allow customers who’ve suffered losses during transit to purchase additional coverage later without having pre-paid for it beforehand.


Finding the best freight rates can be done by looking into several areas. It’s a process that can’t be done in one day or even one week. It will eventually pay off if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. You need to evaluate your options, starting with your carriers. You can also consider how consolidation can help your business.