4 Ways You Can Efficiently Improve Your Trucking Business

About a third of the running and operations costs of any trucking business is spent on fuel, this is why increasing your fuel efficiency and enhancing the performance of your trucks can help you reduce these costs. It will also help you make more profit and increase the lifespan of your trucks. Increasing operational efficiency is the key to boosting profit margins in any business. This means increasing the revenue you earn each day and the dollar you invest. One of the most efficient ways of achieving this is automated services and tools that save time, money, and staff members. If you run a trucking business and want to learn all about increasing efficiency, this guide is for you. Here are 4 ways to improve the efficiency of your trucking business. In addition, you may consider offering Owner Operated Trucker Jobs to experienced truckers who drive their own, well-maintained vehicles. DOT Fleet Compliance Management is also advised to ensure that your business complies with federal and local regulations.

1. Utilize Load Tracking Apps

Load tracking tools can help increase your operational efficiency by reducing check calls from 3PLs and brokers. Trucking apps provide many helpful features and tools that streamline operations in any trucking business. The digital load tracking tool is a good example of this, it can also be used with any broker or any broker’s transportation management system which reduces their calls as they don’t have to call in order to get an ETA.

These load tracking tools only track drivers when they are on a load, they have to agree and authorize tracking first before tracking the load. They come with advanced features such as phone notifications that let you know the name of the broker or 3PL who is supposed to receive the data along with the associated load. This in addition to being able to cancel or pause the load directly from the app that your consumers.

2. Load Searches and Load Booking Automation

Some tracking apps also allow your drivers to access numerous tools that provide them with an automated platform for finding and securing loads. Sometimes these tools are even free to use. Instead of spending hours on the phone with brokers, you can use digital freight-matching tools that can help you look for high-quality freight with your brokers. These tools even allow you to book loads directly from the app if the broker posts direct loads, you won’t even need to make any phone calls. This way, the whole process of load searching and booking is automated for you as a trucking company. This means being able to automatically schedule appointments when you choose your loads from your trucking app or software. The loads you pick get automatically scheduled in the broker’s transportation management system, and you receive an email after that confirms the load and provides you with suggestions for future loads and reloads.

3. Install Fleet Tracking Tools

Trucking business owners often find it difficult to keep track of all the drivers and shipments if they have a large fleet. A very effective method they use is installing a GPS camera or GPS truck tracking systems into their processes to monitor the whole thing and make it easier. GPS monitoring will help you keep an eye on your drivers during their breaks, idling time, and as they drive so that you can keep an eye on their truck speed. This also helps in making your customer service more efficient as these tools can help your customers track their cargo, find out where it is, and know when to expect it for delivery.

4. In-App Digital POD Documents Upload 

Uploading pictures of proof of delivery documents after a load is finished is a very effective way of increasing your profit and getting paid faster as a trucking business. Most of today’s tracking apps and tools prompt you to upload photos of proof of delivery documents as they track the loads for you and keep your customers updated on their deliveries. This helps your customers stay assured that your company is doing its best to deliver their loads and shows a lot of professionalism. It releases your company from any responsibilities when it comes to shipments that get lost after delivery or before pickup. In-app proof of delivery is also more effective than emailing, faxing, or scanning proof of delivery documents to your customers and allows brokers and 3PLS to make their payments quicker. As a business, your brand will gain more trust from its customers the more assured they are with their deliveries and shipments and this is why confirmation is important after every load. 

It can be a bit difficult for trucking business owners to keep track of all their drivers, vehicles, and orders. Automated tools and services help these businesses keep better track of their operations and reduce the required costs which leads to an increase in the overall efficiency of the business. GPS cameras allow trucking management staff to monitor truck drivers during their shifts so that they can maintain a smooth flow of operations and ensure that everything is on track.