How To Choose a Business Tagline

Verizon’s tagline is – Can You Hear Me Now? Good. It conveys a very clear message that Verizon has the best networks, so you’ll never worry about losing service.

A tagline is a catchy slogan that not only evokes the emotions of prospects but equally describes a product or service to the public in a simple yet profound fashion.

Most businesses are often confronted with the problem of coming up with a good tagline. This article will share useful tips on how you can easily come up with attractive taglines designed to ensure the growth of any business.

Benefits of Business Taglines

Your tagline is supposed to help you grow your business, but there are various ways it might do so. However, you’ll want to make one for a few key reasons that have a direct impact on your company’s income and growth. The following are some benefits of a good business tagline.

Differentiates Your Brand

A catchy phrase is a terrific method to set yourself apart from the competition in your market. If you can convince your audience to remember your slogan, you’ll be at the front of their minds when it comes to the problems you’re trying to solve.

It’s critical to be recognized as a one-of-a-kind individual, especially in crowded, competitive businesses. You should do everything you can to maintain your unique identity.

Boosts Brand Trust Awareness

Consumers are more inclined to do business with you if they are familiar with your brand. A consumer will have an easier time trusting you than your competition simply by knowing your tagline.

The reasoning is that they believe they know you already, usually through a friend or family member. They’ll be more confident in acquiring from someone who has established their credibility as a result of that validation.

Broadcasts Business Value

Your tagline should, by definition, express either what or how much value your company provides. As a result, it goes to reason that if your slogan is well-known, your value will be as well.

What Makes a Good Tagline?

Since your tagline seems like a huge part of your brand, just like your online presence, it’s easy to overthink it. But creating a good tagline is simpler than it seems. The best taglines should focus on how a product or service helps customers or clients see outstanding results.

The copy should be all about the person you’re helping and what they’ll get out of what you offer. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when coming up with a tagline for your business:

1. Keep It Simple

A catchy tagline is often devoid of complex semantics. It best expresses how good a product or service is in the simplest terms, and the customer must easily grasp this.

We see a lot of taglines that say too much. As a business owner, if you can’t explain what you do in three to five words, then it will be hard for clients to understand the services you render.

2. Tell a Captivating Story

Storytelling is an important aspect of marketing and business. The more compelling your tale, the easier it will be to close more opportunities.

An intriguing storyline backed by an elegant logo should be the major feature to inspire a tagline. The Apple tagline: ‘ Think Different’ obviously tells so much about the story and vision of the founder. For example, if your brand provides pen drawing art, you can engage with copywriters who can offer professional tips and story driven copy for your business slogan.

3. Be Scenario-driven

Using real-life situations can help inspire a tagline. The more realistic a tagline of a product or service is, the more people will envisage its possibility of meeting their needs when a specific, real-world need arises.

4. Ensure a Brief Product or Service Description

You don’t need to be cool or edgy with your tagline. Your goal should be to create a slogan that expresses the best of what your business is in a few phrases. Encapsulating the product or service description in a few words can best inform customers of all they require in a product or service.

5. Communicate With Clarity

A good tagline should paint a vivid picture of the product or service, which is the fundamental objective of branding. Lexus’ tagline ‘pursuit of perfection’ not only reflects the aim of the company but also provides ample information in clear and simple terms on what to expect when a car is purchased from the company.

Quick Tips for a Catchy Business Tagline

  1. Understand your audience.
  2. Study your competition.
  3. Tie the tagline to your brand.
  4. Use your tagline consistently.
  5. Include a benefit.

Ready To Create a Tagline That Works?

Get your business’ messaging out there through a creative and clever tagline. We know that a tagline which is usually a brief and memorable phrase – one used in marketing campaigns to communicate the value of a company or its products. Before you create one for your company, read about their function and look at examples of great taglines and how to create them.

Because a tagline is intended to convey the value of the brand or products promoted in marketing campaigns while also encouraging consumers to form a positive association with the brand in a short period of time, it basically comes down to what is being sold and what distinguishes it from the competitors in the market in a catchy and memorable way that elicits an emotional response about the overall brand.